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  Oraqix®   Anesthestic  Alternative   What is it? Oraqix®, is a non-injectable local anesthetic liquid, a combination of (lidocaine 2.5%/prilocaine2.5%), which has been developed for patients requiring pain relief for procedures such as periodontal probing and...

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Review of Nasopalatine Nerve Block

Nasopalatine Nerve Block Technique What it numbs: Nasopalatine nerve block provides anesthetic to the anterior portion of the hard palate both hard and soft tissues from the mesial of the right first premolar to the mesial of the left first premolar.   Needle: A...

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Review of Posterior Superior Nerve Block

Posterior Superior Nerve Block Technique What it numbs: The posterior superior nerve block (PSA) provides pulpal anesthesia to the three maxillary molars and the supporting buccal soft tissue and bone.  In 28 percent of patient the mesial buccal root of the first...

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Review of Mandibular Infiltration

Mandibular Infiltration Injections   What it numbs: Infiltration injections are anesthetizing the long terminal branches of the nerves. The mandibular infiltration injection anesthetizes the soft tissue in the area if the injection site. Needle: The recommended...

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Review of Mandibular Nerve Block

Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block (Mandibular Nerve Block) The inferior alveolar nerve block (also known as the mandibular nerve block) is the most commonly used block in dentistry for the mandibular teeth. What it numbs: The inferior alveolar nerve block...

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