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Are Your Teeth Dirty?

How many of you reading this actually learned about your teeth as a child? It was not something we talked much about, unless the tooth fairy made an appearance. We brushed every day, at least once twice a day maybe. By the time you knew you had a problem in a tooth,...

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Tooth Decay Is A Preventable Disease

Tooth decay is a disease.....there are a variety if factors that causes it! Your mouth is a warm inviting incubator for bacteria! You feed the bacteria every day with the foods you eat and drink... the bacteria excrete their own waste....biofilm and plaque build on...

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The Reason I became an Oral Health Coach

My Story My name is Sheree Wertz I am a registered Dental Hygienist and an Oral Health Coach With over 30 years’ experience in the dental field my goal is to educate Moms so we can reduce the # of kids with cavities. What is an oral health coach? Simply put....It is a...

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