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There is a 50% chance you have it!

What is it? Gingivitis= Red, puffy, swollen, bleeding gums. Gingivitis is 100% reversible There is a 50% chance you have it right now as you read this post. The biggest problem with gingivitis is most people don’t know they have it. If you know you have it may it may...

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Diet & Toothbrushing to Prevent Disease

Diet and toothbrushing Why is a healthy diet important to your oral health? We spend trillions of dollars in the United States to cure disease each year. With health care and insurance at an all-time high prevention is more important than ever. Simply changing your...

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Baby teeth that won’t fall out

Why a baby tooth might not fall out? A deciduous (baby) tooth won’t fall out unless there is a permanent tooth under it. This tooth model shows baby teeth with permanent teeth under them. Baby teeth are important!  Most people think baby teeth are just going to fall...

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