An Interview with Melisa Deally, Integrative Health Practitioner 

Did you know that the average North American is spending 10 years at the end of their life in a nursing home that is not quality and that is slowly dying? They say we’re living longer but we’re not living longer. We’re dying sower. What do you dream about when you dream about your retirement?  Do you dream about quality time with your family, traveling, and doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do? Because now it’s your time? That’s what you want, right?

We focus on building our wealth, if you don’t have your health, you have neither. Here’s the reality, today we live in this stressful world where 60% of doctor’s visits are due to stress. We are told all diseases are due to stress, right? So, what if we just shift all of that, so the body doesn’t feel in a stressed-out state? What if we could release all those toxins, the mental, emotional, and physical toxins from the body to lower the stress level and help bring ourselves back into this place of optimal health? We can absolutely do that. We can do that by tapping into the power of our unconscious mind because with our unconscious mind, we can start to set not just smart goals, but quantum SMART goals that help us get there that much faster by programming our unconscious mind to go and get those goals. We get to live life fully. I love skiing. I love hiking. I love my paddleboard. We are not supposed to do anything alone. When we have the support we can move further and faster and get what we want. And we need to stop dragging around our baggage and toxins and unfortunately, that’s what is creating so much chronic illness in our world today. 

Melissa is known as the toxin Slayer. Today she is going to talk about what happens when we tap into our unconscious mind to make it happen. Sometimes there are parts of you that might be holding you back. One part of you wants to do this and one part of you wants to do that and we’re in this push-pull fee. We get stuck. We get into this state of being divided and we’re not living our whole best life, and we’re unable to move forward. So reprogramming our unconscious mind allows us to bring it together and step forward with both feet and we can find our purpose, find our passion and enjoy and we can live our best life unfortunately it’s not taught at school. So I’m gonna dive in right now and start teaching you all about your unconscious mind because this is where you access your inner magic. 

You have two minds: your conscious mind and your unconscious mind. Your conscious mind is your goal setter, It’s your thinking language, It’s your sequential left brain. Your unconscious mind is much larger and has autonomic functions. 

We have both minds working together. So your unconscious mind stores all of your memories. It organizes all of your memories. It also represses all of your memories with unresolved negative emotions, those memories we stuck down or sorry emotions we stuck down and don’t want to feel, and then it will present to your conscious mind. Those unresolved negative emotions only when it feels safe to do so. This is why people in war zones and military people in war zones don’t suffer the PTSD in the warzone they suffer when they come home because that’s when it’s finally safe for the unconscious mind to present these emotions to the conscious mind to resolve and release. Your unconscious mind also preserves your body in spite of your behavior which I think is really funny what we were talking about earlier too, you know, the food that we’re eating, etc, and the choices that we’re making in spite of our behavior. Our unconscious mind is trying to preserve our body, but it’s preserving your body lying in a nursing home bed for 10 years. Is that what you want for your life? Absolutely not right, I see you shaking your head there. So think about this. Your unconscious mind is literally keeping your breathing your heart pumping, digesting your meals, and trillions of other chemical reactions going on inside your body to help you do everything that you need to do in a day and you don’t get to you know, also finally every single experience you’ve ever had in storing without judgment. So it’s there for you to access again should you need to super cool. 

Do you think your unconscious mind might need a little pat on the back and a little bit more recognition for all that it’s doing for you every single hour of every single day? But here’s the other thing, we can outgrow those stored files and get to a point where they no longer serve us. In fact, they hold us back from getting what we want because a lot of the foundation of what happened in our zero to six years of life. So we need to update when was the last time you all updated your phone? Have you updated your phone in the last six months I don’t mean buy a new phone? I mean just do the update that’s pushed through, right? We’ve all done that. But when was the last time you updated your unconscious mind? Probably never because you didn’t know you put this is what we need to be doing in order to access our energy. So with NLP neurolinguistic programming, we are literally removing these critical faculties so that both our minds can work as one that we get to play more, have more fun, and stop rejecting the unconscious mind. 

We need free communication between both halves of our minds so that we can go out and get that goal. So you are more than just your unconscious mind. You are actually three minds and four. So the four bodies are your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Physical is below the line. Because a symptom that you have in your physical body that’s indicating some kind of imbalance in your health. You know, maybe it’s feeling aches and pains. And you say That’s just because I’m getting older and you do nothing. Maybe it’s allergies, whatever it is, maybe it is a diagnosis of a chronic illness by the time it shows up in a physical body. It’s already moved through the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies. And so that’s why it’s so important that we don’t just detox the physical body. We need to go up and detox the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well, to ensure that we’re, you know, we’ve got good health happening in all of our bodies. Now we’ve got three minds, our higher self, our conscious self, and our unconscious. The Higher Self communicates to our unconscious self which communicates to the conscious. Our higher self speaks to our spiritual body. Our conscious self speaks to our mental body because it’s the thinking part of our brain. Our unconscious self speaks to the emotional body because it’s the feeling part of our brain. So I show you that too so that you see the importance of understanding that you have three minds and four bodies. And just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean that it’s not part of who we are. And we need to take care of all of this. Our unconscious mind is 90% of our mind just doing so much for us and our conscious mind is only 10% and yet that’s where most of us spend most of our time, right? But when we master our unconscious mind, we can get so much more out of life. We get a stress-free mind, disease-free body, confidence, motivation, and a definite and bright future because we set that goal we know what we want and we can go get it and it’s our unconscious mind that is going and getting it for us. It’s the go-getter. 

Remember, we have success in whatever we do with a money mindset to boost our income and great relationships. What would you like to be able to achieve and not achieve over the next five or 10 years but imminently because we set quantum goals and we make them happen? And if you don’t like your reality, we can change it for you. So what’s happening in our brain is, first of all, we are receiving 12 million bits per second of information into our brain and that’s way too much for our brain to be able to process and so it deletes and distorts and generalizes it down to a manageable amount which is only 128 to 134 bits per second and it does this through our filters and our filters are individual to each and every single one of us. And our filters grow and change and develop as we go through life. So our filters are things like time, space, energy, matter, language, memories, our decisions, our values, and our beliefs, our attitudes, as well as our meta-programs such as Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you a thinker or a feeler? Do you move away from or toward? Are you a judge or a perceiver? So what happens is as you go through life, your mind is creating like a movie screen in your head of everything in your life. Right? If you close your eyes for a minute and you just go back to the last vacation you took you can see yourself there. It might be a ski vacation or might be a beach vacation, but you can see yourself there. That’s the movie screen in your head. And this is called your internal representation and that dictates your state or how you feel if you’re going back to your last vacation. You’re probably feeling pretty happy right now with those memories that are popping up right? And then that also dictates your physiology because your state, if you’re feeling sad all the time, depressed all the time, can actually start to weaken your immune system. And it changes your physiology. Your state also dictates your behavior. Because if you’re feeling tired and exhausted, you have different behavior than if you’re feeling happy and excited. Is all of this making sense? 

Here is an example: three little girls are walking down paths in a park, and they see a snake across the path in front of them. And one girl just sees a snake scream and runs away. The next girl sees the snake and gets down on her hands and knees and very gently picks it up and then moves it over onto the grass so it’s off the path and doesn’t get stepped on. And the third girl kind of looked at the same thing and did nothing. They all created their own reality because of the snakes’ limit across their path. The same exact thing happened to all three girls, and yet they were to go and tell that story to their parents. The stories they were told would be very different because one girl has learned to be afraid of snakes. So her filters told her to run away and get safe. Another girl has learned to love all creatures and care for them. And so she picked it up and moved it into the grass. And the third girl hadn’t actually had any experience with snakes, yet, so she didn’t know how to respond but watching the response of the other two girls is going to impact her filters for next time as to how she responds because her brain is going to store this experience in this memory. So this is why at least in Canada for automobile accidents, they no longer use eyewitnesses because you can have three people see the exact same accident until three completely different stories because those stories have all gone through their filters which are different for each and every single one of us. So it’s kind of an interesting concept because until I learned this, I kind of went through life thinking, well my reality is the same as everyone else’s reality. It’s absolutely not your reality is literally your reality. And if you don’t like it, we can change it. And we can use these NLP techniques timeline therapy hypnotherapy to shift your state as a result of your internal representation. It will shift physiology which is Shift behavior. We start to see some of those filters are really powerful. So all learning, all behavior, and all change are unconscious. And in building a successful business. We need to understand this because we can tap into this to really exponentially grow that business. Our unconscious mind allows us to enjoy new learning that is resulting in new behaviors that trigger the transformation that you’re looking for. And your business will only grow as far as you are willing to grow yourself if you want your business to blossom. You need to do the same. 

Unconscious incompetence. At this stage, you don’t know what you don’t know. And you may be loving life but you’re adding dependencies because you need help to get to the next level and to move to the next level. You literally have to break out of that box, and how do you do that? You’re asking someone for help. You never get there alone. But in asking for help, you get to the conscious incompetence stage. So now you know you’re starting to figure out where the gaps are. I call it the Blue Flag stage because it’s like whoa, I need to learn all of this to get to that next level. How do I do that? And again, we’re asking for help and this is a dependent-codependent stage because you’re working with others that have already walked this path to get you to close those gaps, and that allows you to bust out of that box and move into the conscious competence stage. Now you know exactly what you need to be doing. You know how to do it. You’re now just practicing and implementing. So this is a very independent stage where you are installing all of this into your business and into your life. And then from there as you bust out of that you’ve mastered it to the point where you can do it with your eyes closed, your hands tied behind your back. Now you’re in the unconscious competence stage where you can literally do this in your sleep. Now, this is your superpower, and it’s an interdependent stage because this is where you bring that superpower to the group. And you work with others as you build an incredible group around you. Each of you works in your area of superpower to grow your business and the businesses of the people around you. Again, we’re never doing this alone. So as you bust through each level, it might take more energy to get to this level. Got it, and it can be dramatic, but as you practice it, it becomes less dramatic because you are becoming more neutral in your personal growth. You also can be in all four stages at all times in your life, because you’re always learning, you’ve mastered this, and now you’re over here learning this, right? So you’re in all four stages at any given time. And this is how you build neurology. And really the only failure to learn is where the only failure is already is the failure to learn. So another example just comes to your health. Your health is a journey and with your health, you have a problem you have awareness of that problem. You need new skills to overcome that problem. You practice those skills, and then you have a solution. 

The problem is that health is so many people stop at the awareness of the problems stage, and they write it off as aging. It’s allergies. It’s my genetics, and they don’t do anything about it. And they stay stuck there versus looking for help getting the new skills that they need to fill that gap to resolve their problem, whether it’s sleep issues, whether it’s stress issues, or whatever it is a chronic illness; how can I resolve this instead of expecting that I’m going to have this for the rest of my life. You learn how to do that, you practice new skills, you implement them, and then you have a solution which is coming back into a beautiful place of optimal health, balanced health. Again, we never do it alone. We surrender to being guided in our growth, whether it’s in business, whether it’s in our health journey, so we can achieve so much more. So up level you. How do we do that? Where does it start? Well, as I mentioned earlier, our beliefs are very often formed in the first six years of our life. We learned them from our parents, but also developed beliefs as we tried to make sense of the world as little people, and then these beliefs lead to the thoughts that we have running around in our head, and those thoughts lead to the language that comes out of our mouth or even our written language. The language then leads to our actions, and the actions lead to our results. So we are creating our reality with our thoughts and our language because these are giving our unconscious mind instructions. So what are you saying to yourself internally or outlet?

Do you talk to yourself the way you talk to someone you love? Do you talk to yourself in a way that will help you achieve your dreams? So often we don’t and if you aren’t getting the results that you want, it means that your actions are off, which means your language and your thoughts are off because your beliefs are outdated. And this is where that update is so critical for us to be able to move exponentially. So a quick partial fix called to cancel, cancel, cancel. It just starts to create the awareness that when something comes out of your mouth or starts to create awareness around those voices in your head. You say cancel, cancel, cancel because that voice in your head is telling you you can’t do that, you’re not good enough, whatever not, you know, attractive enough, not smart enough. Whatever all of those things are, cancel, cancel, cancel because that is not the programming we want to imprint in our unconscious mind. We cancel it; we switch it around. It takes practice because very often, we’re not aware of those voices in our heads. We’re having 70,000 thoughts a day. Are we aware of all of them or not? But when we start to create awareness around this, we can start to change it. As humans, we always hear we’ve got two ears in one mouth. Therefore we should listen more and speak less. But I like to flip that on its head when it comes to the voices in our head that we need to get more and less as it speaks back to those voices. Because those voices are always trying to pull us back into our comfort zone. Keep us safe, and talk us down, right? 

Listen, stop listening, start talking back and say no, I’ve got this, and I’m working with my unconscious mind. I’m working with my mentor. We’re moving forward. I can do this. And that then changes the actions and the results that we get, so what is your commitment to the success of your business? There is no commitment unless we have committed through money, time, energy, and a legally binding contract, commitment, and straight intention to the universe, and only then can the universe give you the resources needed only after the unconscious commitment has been made. So what are you unconsciously committing to? And do you have to stop committing to everything? So many of us are saying yes to others all the time, which actually means we’re saying no to ourselves because there’s not enough space in our life to have both, and we need to flip that on its head start the nose, others in order to create the space in our lives for ourselves because it’s only when we create that space that the universe can give us what we want. And so for moms, especially any women building their own business, this is such an important lesson. Because we have big hearts, we want to help others. But when we get to a place where we’re helping others or the expensive ones ourselves, we’re not moving anything forward. And that’s when we get stressed out. That’s when we get bogged down, and that’s where health starts to slide. So boundary setting is something that many of us have never been taught. And we don’t do well. But it’s something that is absolutely critical to creating that space, that Zen space that you see in this image on the slide. Right so how do we do that in a really positive, supportive way looking after ourselves but also working with those in our lives? So boundaries maniacally operate when you are feeling taken advantage of when you are feeling drained of energy and overwhelmed when there’s drama in your life. And if you are feeling anger and resentment often means you’ve broken your own boundaries or are angry at yourself, although you tend to project that onto the other person. 

There are three steps to setting a really good boundary. The first one is actually somebody is going to ask something of you, your time, your money, or your entity. Instead of saying Yes, right away, you can simply say thanks for asking. Let me get back to you. That just right there creates space and speaks for you to figure out if this is something that you want to do or not. And so that’s step two now is going internal. Do I have it to give time, money, or energy? And if yes, then do I want to give it my time, my money, or my energy just because you have it? That doesn’t mean you want to give, right? And then 30 is if I want to give it under what conditions? So if you were being asked to babysit, for instance, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, that condition might be that they’re already fed and in their pajamas by the time you show up, or the condition might be, Yeah, I’m happy to babysit, but you meant to be home by 11 Because I haven’t really started right? For me, it was with my kids and the car. We’ve got four drivers in the house and two cars, so yes, you can use my car, but it needs to come back clean. No garbage. None of your friends’ garbage. No went to Starbucks tubs, Tim Hortons cups, whatever. And it needs to have gas it can’t bring and all that too. So the next time I get in the car, the first thing you have to do is go to the gas station. So those are the conditions. Step three is to reply with your yes or no. And if you’re saying yes, provide the condition, and if you’re saying no, remember that no is a complete sentence. You don’t have to justify, and you can simply say no. And I know that was an aha for me when I first heard that, but it’s powerful, right? And this isn’t easy to do. The first time I said no, I had my brain working against me, and I had the other person looking at me like I was just groaning my head because I had never said no to her before. She didn’t know who I was. But I knew I needed to start practicing this for myself. And so I said no. And then my brain is like she then says hold it, and I’m like I’m sorry, I don’t know, but I can’t do this. Meanwhile, my brains are going, Oh, come on. You could do this with your eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back. 

Remember that unconscious competence that I had to start saying no to make time for me and other things I wanted to do with my family. So I had to, even though my baby was like you could do it. You could do it. It wanted me to say yes because that was my habit. That was my comfort zone. That’s where it knew it could keep me safe. I had to stick with it. No, and it felt guilty. I felt awful. But I also was really proud of myself for saying no when I walked away from that conversation, and that was my first note, which meant the second note was a little bit easier, and the third was a lot easier because it does take practice. So an agreement frame that you can use when setting boundaries. That is a very kind way to do it simply I love and appreciate X whenever they ask you, and I need that to be the condition, right? And we say that Aaron’s not, but I need to know why because the buck cancels out everything that came before it. So for my kids, I love and appreciate you having a job and having the independence to drive to and from your job without me having to drive you there and take time out of my day to do that. And I need you to keep the car clean and keep it feeling. So for people that haven’t experienced you setting a boundary with them before, they’re going to look like you have a look at you like you got a head like what happened to me that time, right? And so this is a really gentle and kind way to do it, where they don’t necessarily even realize what’s happening because you’re saying it in such a positive way. So I love and appreciate x, and I need to know why. So requirements for change, change so that we can step into our power using our unconscious mind. Step one is getting rid of limiting beliefs, those beliefs that are creating our thoughts, creating our language, creating our actions, and then our results. We need to get rid of them. When we do that, we start to change our filters which changes our internal representation of how you create your own reality. And we want to get rid of our negative emotions that are stuck in the cells of our body, over time, become toxic and can cause disease. 

They’re also another filter through which you create your own reality. So releasing those negative emotions is a form of detox and changing your language is the mental detox that frees up your energy and directs your unconscious mind to go and get what you want in business and in life. And this is why I call myself a toxic player because I’m looking at all of the bodies here. Step two is taking action in boundaries, which is creating space in your life and sourcing. And what I mean by sourcing is sourcing your energy. You never let your cell phone, or you don’t like to let it die. It happens, I know. But you’re always plugging it in when the battery levels are getting low. Right? What are we doing for our own bodies when our energy levels are waning? How do we regain our energy each of us that’s different? What is it for you it’s self-care in some way? And I have imagined that I created, and it is simply that self-care is the most selfless act because it allows you to show up and give the world the best of you instead of what’s left to you. None of us can build our business from what’s the last of us, right? We want to give the world the best. So that means we have to look after ourselves first. What gives you energy is going for a walk in the sun. Is it doing a yoga class? You know, is it a workout? Is it calling a friend and having deep conversations or getting in the bathroom reading a book? 

It’s different for all of us. Is it meditation? Is it listening to binaural beats etc?

But make sure you’re building that into your time in your day. So you don’t end up like a dead cell phone. And then step three, focus on what you want. So often, when you ask them what they want. They’ll tell you what they don’t want, what is it that you want? And these thoughts then become suggestions, and we all know that what we focus on expands, and we know that our unconscious mind is our go-getter. So when we tell it what it wants, it can help us go get it doesn’t know what we want. It’s not helping us go get it. So the fastest way to uplevel is to use the most powerful mind-body medicine tools available to us today. They’re fast, they are effective, and they are magic, and that’s using went too far. NLP timeline therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP results coaching. So next steps go back to those three things that you wrote down earlier. What is it that you most want in your life? And how do you tap into your unconscious mind to help you get them to achieve that? What are your next steps? Think about it.

Do you know how to do this, or do you need to seek support and have someone guide you and hold your hand up as you bring the people you work with with you? We all learn together, and we all rise together. And what are you saying to yourself? Say it in the way that you want it. Only focus on what you want. Don’t look at the start using cancel, cancel, cancel every time you hear the negative come out. So I’m just gonna finish there because I’m very conscious of the time here, and I really appreciate all of this time to share with you this work is absolutely powerful. I’ve taken people from literally being addicted to certain foods. It’s triggering them, and they can’t stop eating it when they start to in just a one-hour session, we switch into their unconscious mind and don’t even like it. In fact, it makes them feel nauseous to think about that food for me. I fit my nails my entire life. I use one of these techniques in a very short amount of time to literally switch up in my unconscious mind the action that I was taking that was leading to the nail-biting and we changed it up near Biden doesn’t happen anymore. So very, very powerful tools. Let’s see where you’re at, what you’d like to achieve, and how I can best serve you in getting there by accessing your inner magic, flipping the switch, and making it happen just like so. Thank you for opening our eyes to a new way of thinking potentially. Can you give us some other examples of those magic brain hacks that you call them? Sure. So yeah, with NLP, you mentioned anchoring. Something that we can do is teach you from procrastination to motivation in a very short amount of time by tapping into emotions.

We can use this in our personal life around food and changing what we’re eating into getting motivated in our business. We can take you from feeling blocked to stepping into our state so that you are still voting so full of strength that you can do anything and that you can then go back and do that every single time we can, with timeline therapy. We are actually moving along the timeline of your entire life, and everybody’s timeline might be slightly different. We find where your timeline is, and we take it back to those zero to six years or however far back your unconscious mind wants to take you to release the negative emotions that are still stored in the cells in your body where releasing anger and fear and shame and guilt and sadness and hurt and we can also release limiting beliefs, those beliefs that came up when you were zero and six years old, they kept you safe and holding you back now. And then we can imprint politically after we’ve reversed eliminating those quantum SMART goals to have you achieve what it is that you want. We can address anxiety by showing anxieties about the future. Depression is worrying about the past. You can’t change the past, and the future hasn’t happened yet. And so often, we’re worrying about things that may not even happen. But we can take you past that point in the future that you’re worrying about to show your brain in your life. Your stakes. It’s okay and then bring you back so that we can release the anxiety because, you know, we made it through that event. And that’s a tool that people that suffer from anxiety can then be taught in order to do that for themselves. And then with hypnotherapy, we can change all sorts of behaviors from, you know, different addictions and things to whatever it is, whatever behavioral change somebody wants to implement, but the hypnotherapy is so much more effective when we first done timeline therapy and got rid of all those negative beliefs and the negative emotions. So it’s all very, very powerful work. And it happens quickly, and that’s what people want. People don’t want to go to a therapist for years and years and years of training, talk therapy, etc. And being triggered by the trauma of whatever it is it’s carrying inside their body. We’re not triggering the trauma here. We’re going back in our timeline to see what happened. Admit the learning from it. What did your unconscious mind need to know and bring forth to the conscious mind? Once we have that learning, we can release the emotions that are tied to once and for all and move forward. Does that all make sense? Yes, it does. Sign me up. I love it. That would be awesome. So how does this work? You can make a discovery call with Melissa. And she can help you in any of these things that you’re looking at detoxing, the body hypnotherapy. She has products that are amazing, and you know this is just something that you have to decide do you want What do you want? And then, you can take action in order to get those results. You can break through the path that you’re on, and you can get rid of some stuff that maybe was blocking you and your unconscious mind. And you know, just go from there. 

I am so excited to know you and to work with you to be able to live our best life. I mean, who wants to pay $1.4 million for the last ten years of their life for room and board in a nursing home? Nobody was pleased. I don’t think who even has $1.4 million dollars to spend on a nursing home when you look at it that way. It doesn’t cost a lot to hire Melissa or go down the road of seeing what is in your body, what is causing your body to be able to balance, and triggering what’s going on in your body because, yes, the body does keep score. So I think this is really really important. You absolutely do. That is a mindset shift. 

How many people do you know as soon as their car engine light comes on… Oh, I gotta go get my car fixed. Make sure my car is running. We’re going to the gas station. We put the right fuel in the car to make the car run well, right? And even if we think we don’t have the money to do whatever service we need to do on the car, we get it done because we need the car right in our house. We vacuum, and we take out the garbage that’s detoxing the house. We renovate, we fix things, and do all of these things. And we forget about our body which is truly our greatest asset alongside our house in our car. And here’s the ironic thing. You could buy a new car if you had to. You could buy a new house if you had to. You don’t get to buy a new body. So consider booking a discovery call with Melissa. If any of this thing is if any of what she’s talked about has been interesting to you. She has an amazing detox program. And she’s getting ready to gear up for the New Year with solutions that might help you, so you don’t have to wait for the new year. But she is working on something where it’s collaboration because we know that it is total body health. We need to focus on detoxing our liver, detoxing our organs, and detoxing our minds. And I just love what Melissa is doing. It’s very effective. And it is amazing, and I definitely felt that I needed her to guide me through what was happening to help my body heal. You guys know that I went through the western medicine route with you. They don’t follow up. They don’t check on anything. They don’t know what’s happening in your body, so she can help you find out what’s happening. Do you have toxic chemicals? Do you have heavy metals? Do you need more vitamin D than what is going on specifically with your body she can help guide you to heal your body and get it back to where it goes. 

Melissa says your Friendly Toxin Slayer. I am your Healthy Mouth Mom. I totally believe that your mouth is like the check engine light on your car. If this was helpful, share.

A healthy mouth is a healthy body and a happy, healthy life. If you heard something that made you smile, made you think, empowered you, awakened you, or left you feeling inspired. Make sure you share this with a friend. 

Until next time, breathe through your nose and share a smile; after all, they’re contagious.

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