Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Tiffany Ludwicki is a dental hygienist, a health coach, and a myofunctional therapist who resides in Newfoundland Canada. She obtained a diploma in dental hygiene from Dalhousie University with awards for the greatest proficiency in clinical dental hygiene and the highest overall standing in the lab for head and neck anatomy.

She has been actively involved in her profession and currently holds the elected position of President of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. She returned from maternity leave early to assist the public with the rising need for preventative oral care and practices independently at Monastery Oral Health which is a multi-disciplined practice in the making. Her career in dental hygiene has been primarily in a gum disease specialty clinic, which is what sparked her interest in holistic health and her own journey into health coaching.

Tiffany also practices naturotherapy modalities through Mind Body Mouth, which she founded in 2018. Initially, her therapy was focused on improving women’s confidence, self-worth, and overall happiness, but has evolved to also helping the whole family. This shift in her audience occurred during her pregnancy, where she was introduced to a wonderful collective of MDs and professionals working with babies and new moms who needed her expertise. She obtained a certificate in myofunctional therapy after years of learning about the airway, breathing, function, and nutrition, so she could provide this type of therapy that has been missing in the current health system.

Today, she supports people through either in-person appointments or online consults and therapy and can be found at or on FaceBook and Instagram as @mindbodymouth.

Myofunctional therapy involves a series of exercises to improve coordination, activation, resistance, strength, and endurance of facial muscles which have over aching health benefits. 

Therapy involves coaching on Breathing, Chewing and Swallowing, Lip and Tongue placement, Sleep and Posture 

The process involves an assessment that can be completed by an oral health professional with knowledge in orofacial myofunctional therapy. A consult to determine the type of program(s) for your needs and the therapy which may involve a varying degree of sessions over a year.

Until recently with the shift towards preventative health, Most people who would seek the support of a myofunctional therapist were those who have literally tried everything else but were still not satisfied with their results because their symptoms prevailed.

Many people encounter the following hardships on their journey to finding a myofuncional therapist or health coach.  

Doctors insist there is nothing wrong (because their symptoms are not extreme enough to fall into the disease category where they can rely on pharmaceuticals or surgical interventions.)

They have been to massage and physiotherapists for chronic pain and still rely on pain meds to get them through the day.

Their sleep study comes back normal, despite the fact that they snore and wake up unrested, so they do not need a CPAP.   

They have been told it’s normal to suffer pain while breastfeeding, babies to have reflux, children to have crowded teeth, ADHD, and ear and throat aches. That children grow out of tongue ties and food aversions and that it’s ok for children to breathe from their mouth

You should always listen to your body. When you don’t feel right…. you are probably right!

Your body is sending you signals that something needs to be addressed. You do not ignore the check engine light on your car, why are you ignoring the ones from your body?  

Why Might You Consider It?

If these symptoms are something you recognize in your child or yourself, the sooner they are addressed the better the chance of

preventing the progression of symptoms to disease, chronic pain or anxiety, and depression.  

Therapy involves daily exercises that help promote optimal growth patterns in children, or re-training and re-educating adult facial muscles to activate properly. 

Therapy may not only help relieve symptoms, but it has the potential to prevent a future decline in health and improve your energy, appearance, and family life by impacting your sleep and mood.

Child Development Below are signs you might want to find a good therapist.

* Snoring and/or Mouth breathing

* Aversion to food, Reflux  

* Crowding of teeth

* Behavioral or Speech Issues 

* Bed Wetting

* Tongue or Lip ties 

Do you experience:





Chronic pain?

Sugar cravings?




At least 80% of premature heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer could be prevented.

Improving health and achieving lasting happiness starts with setting realistic goals. 

With the right education and support, you can improve your health and lifestyle.

You just need someone who can show you the way!

 We have so much more control over our fate than we once thought!

Epigenetics is how the environment, mindset, food, etc. affect how our genes behave!

The choices we make today will impact our tomorrow. Are you satisfying the now or later!

Find out how you can take back control of your health!


The information in this blog came directly from Tiffanys’ web site you can reach her at