You know if you have been following me I am not a fan of pong and guessing about anything health related well that goes for my finances as well. 

Jaree Bowers is a friend of mine who is a dedicated and experienced financial professional, Ready to guide you on your financial journey. No more guessing, crossing fingers, or confusion!

“The Money Girl”, and financial specialist, as she shares her secrets on “Millionaire’s Secrets About Money.

She chose to be a financial professional because she believes in the importance of financial literacy and empowerment. 

She has been serving women, families and business owners in America, because she believes everyone deserves access to quality financial advice and resources, regardless of their income or background. 

She offers a range of financial services and life insurance policies designed to provide the peace of mind you deserve. She will guide you through the process of finding the right policy that aligns with your specific needs and budget!

JaRee Bowers is an Executive Vice President at Five Rings Financial; a company similar to other huge financial companies except they freely educate the masses through MONEY 101 workshops and Wine, Women & Wealth™ events. 

JaRee is no stranger to success; she has over 30 years invested in entrepreneurship, received training from the likes of Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell and Tony Robbins. 

Owning multiple successful businesses she discovered asking investment questions brought out fear or shame in the conversations. She decided to break the mold and design a future of teaching how to double and triple their wealth without ever risking a dime of capital; she puts people over profits. With a zero loss strategy to give you peace of mind and financial freedom. She teaches how your money can work for you while you are working for the money. 


***Do you know unmarried couples who live together?  Common Law has changed a lot.

***Do you know that has a Blended Family?

***Do you know anyone who has Step Children?

***Do you know Single Parents?  Or just Single People?

***Is your Digital Inventory Valuable?

***Did you know Will Preparation Options are Important?

***How to “Be Your Own Bank” and how Infinite Banking works to create Tax Free Retirement on your own terms. 

I know tax free retirement sounds too good to be true…it’s not!

If all of us had only known when we were 20 years old. 

Yet it is not too late because it’s Crazy Awesome how it works!

How do all the things play into your Financial Legacy Plans?  Things you need to know now!

Don’t be that one that waits because you think it costs too much to get the information.  


JaRee’s company My Freedom First an Agency or Five Rings Financial focuses on Legacy Wealth!

“Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude, nothing can help a man with the wrong mental attitude! 

                                      Thomas Jefferson

JaRee Bowers

Financial Specialist “The Money Girl” 

Your Legacy Life Planner!

Owner of: My Freedom First

Cell: 623-236-6800


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JaRee Bowers is independent of IPG, NLG, LSW, American National, EquiTrust, F&G, Ameritas, TransUnion, et al.  

JaRee is licensed in OK, KS, AZ, CA, GA, MD, TX, IL, FL, IN, NC, NM, ETC.

Insurance products are offered through many companies that fit our client’s best interests.

JaRee Bowers is not a Securities Advisor. 

Any Investment Advisory Services will be referred to an SEC licensed representative.