Today I have a special guest. Her name is Angie Langley and she is a Happiness Expert!!!

Who doesn’t want  more happiness?

She also specializes in intuitive healing, energy healing and trauma healing using the fastest coolest methods I have ever experienced.

I’m really excited to have her share what she does. How she does it and how she can help you.

Let’s talk a little bit more about happiness expert. How did you fall into this and start doing this

and start helping people?

Well, I was never happy before. I had a very traumatic life from childhood all the way up through to my adulthood and just things were just coming. Lots of trauma on top of each other and I was just Unhappy. I was getting sick a lot. And, I was getting burned out. Then one day I had a near death experience with a tractor trailer. How I get around that thing, I have no idea, but, I’m here for a reason.

So. I’m like, okay, I’m here for a reason. I gotta heal.I gotta get rid of these fears. That’s holding me back. I knew that I was meant for more.

I was meant to help as many people as I possibly can. Right? So as I was feeling, I was starting to feel better

Making people feel better. Making them happy. I’ve had people say you guys are just like a Brain of sunshine, you know, like they always were so happy to see me come because I was talking to them. I never treated them like they were sick or they were different and they felt comfortable with me. It was fun

Then as I was healing. I always have a small smile on my face. I’m always laughing.

That’s healthy and where the happiness expert came from.

So can you share what you do? Because for me, I knew that I had some stuff swarming around my head that wasn’t mine and I had seen various different people healers, but I couldn’t seem to get rid of that and it was affecting my mindset.

So tell me a little bit about that, cause I’m totally excited that you helped me and why I want to share this with other people because I just think it’s very meaningful.

The lift method is the light infused freedom technique. And it’s a methodology that I developed to go along with my program.

And, you know how sometimes you have a fear. And you just don’t know where it comes from.

There’s no explanation for it. Or you have a pain somewhere in your body and there’s no reason for it.

Or do you have trapped emotions, you know, a lot of us swallow our emotions, we’re just All right, we’ll tap it down and then we’ll keep going, right? All that stuff gets stuck in there. And it makes us sick. And so with the left method.

I’m actually able to go into your energy and into your body, and lift it up.

So as you’ve seen, I’ve done it with you a few times and I actually pull things out.

Sheree: It definitely works and I’ll show you guys here’s the before and after of what I looked like before and what I look like after so I was having some issues with my throat and my jaw.                                                          

And nothing was helping that I was clenching and grinding. Laying on the floor in pain.

Before you did the lift method on me and it was like almost immediately that that went away and you know I mean some people will be like that’s whoo-oo right and don’t believe it but I mean, things work and I like I said, I didn’t even know exactly what it was.

I was like, yeah, I heard you just speaking and I was like, I need that. I’m ready to give that a try and we just talked a lot about generational trauma and I had read the book The Body Keeps Score and I had been learning about generational trauma.

I had been seeing a regular counselor that you know everyone goes to that you know about and you sit and you can chat for an hour and talk about your feelings. I just felt like a lot of those feelings that I was having were not mine. And I thought it was crazy.

I was afraid of going over bridges and water. And then you know you told me that was because I drowned and fell off a bridge. And so it’s almost like once you, your mind can put. A picture of what’s happening. Why I was feeling so anxious

It is hard to let go when you don’t know what’s happening. You just keep replaying the stuff in your head and you don’t know why.

So I think that it’s amazing how it works psychologically. I don’t even know how to explain how it works.

I just know that it does.

Angie: Well, our soul. Signs of contract before we are born. And we have, and in this contract, we have to live through all of these experiences.

Good, bad and the ugly, right? Once we learn from these experiences. They’re gone.

They’re over with. You don’t carry them on to our next generation or the next life, right?

Especially once you realize it. And I’m, when I’m working with you guys, I have no idea.

What’s gonna come up? Know what’s gonna happen. You know, I’ve found things in people’s energies that they didn’t even know they had.

You’ve helped, you’ve helped people get pregnant. You’ve helped people blockages.

You know help get rid of like just different things that they’ve had with money or.

Ovary problems or and you can actually help people that are in the family too like you can you can feel different things and it’s just amazing how intuitive you are.

People are looking for alternatives or they’re at their wits end because they don’t know what to do or they can’t get help.

Angie: People come to me when they have tried everything else and they just Don’t know where else to go and what else to do. Like you said, they’ve treated your cancer. But they’ve never treated the cause.

I worked on you, I was like, holy moly. Yeah, you had a lot of emotions in there.

You know, and I still feel that that’s the cause of your cancer.


Yeah,I do too. And I do believe now having gone through cancer and gone through Western medicine and gone the barbaric way of shopping off body parts to cut that out that it was energy that didn’t know where to go.

I believe that you can uncreate the environment that you created in your body.

I think that, you know, they, they scare you. I not only do I have cancer, I had cancer during COVID, which was terrible because it was very impersonal.

They didn’t treat me. They didn’t even know my name. I actually had a number that they gave me and they called me by that number going through one of the most traumatic experiences in your life and you don’t even have a name.


People just make themselves so busy that they don’t have to think and then all of a sudden it just.

Explodes in your whole body just shuts right down. Like I was talking to a woman and she said her husband has PTSD from being on the front line. He was in Afghanistan. And I said, well, how is he dealing with it? Oh, he keeps busy.

That’s like, okay, but. That’s not gonna, that’s not gonna work forever, right?

He’s gonna. You know, he’s gonna get triggered and he’s gonna get shut down.

Now that’s why so there’s such a high rate of suicide and depression and anxiety and it’s getting much, worse. When you’re in fighter flight, you’re not resting and repairing. So that’s increasing your hormone levels.

Your blood pressure, your cortisol, and then it’s just this vicious circle. That you can’t get out of because now you can’t focus, you’re not healthy, and it’s triggering all these other things.

It just piles on top of one another until You can’t step over it anymore. You can’t sweep it under the rug. You have to deal with it.

You have to start looking after what you like in what’s on the inside before you can change the outside.

So if someone is having some of these issues or they don’t know what to do, what do you recommend that they do to get a whole view to work with you, what ways can they work with you?

I have, it depends on what you need. Some people like me have different levels.

You can give me a call. It’s (902) 799-9056.

I’m up here in Canada. You can email me.

I have a Facebook group.…ups/thesoulfilledsisterhood

So you can experience that a little bit before you jump right in.

Book a 10 min and I can find where your blocks are what needs, be done, if I can help you or not.

I definitely think that it’s worth a call.

Check her out. She has helped so many people and like she said she has different levels, different things she can do depending on where you are, what you’re looking for, and what you’re trying to heal. We all have trauma starting from, you know, before we were born and going through the birth canal even that’s traumatic for some people more than others and then it just builds from there. I had a client who, when she was born, she was twisted. And her whole body was twisted and she couldn’t figure out why her back was bothering her.

When I was working on her, you know, I had to untwist her body. We don’t know what a trauma is from or what it’s going to do to us. I love what I do, you know, and watching you guys transform and grow.

I know you guys really didn’t see it at first, but I was like. Oh, look at you. They’re changing and they’re like, no, not. It’s like, issue or look at this,  then I’d show you those pictures and you’re like, oh my god. And then you’re like, oh look at my neck. I have those before and afer in my facebook group.

You don’t have to join that group, but it is kind of nice. We are people that need community and need relationships and so that’s just one of our basic needs in life. To have other people that think like you that are like minded like you that you know have gone through some of the things that you have gone through.

That in itself is priceless.

You can just listen to what everybody else has to say and it’s not like okay you have to do it this way I’m really rigid it’s like okay here’s a tool and  this is why it’s so important to do this.

Then you do your own thing, no judgment.

Just make that call. You know, you are important and let’s make the next year the happiest year of your life.