Today I’m going to share my Healthy Mouth Academy. I am launching this month as part of National Children’s Dental Health Month.

This is a program that I’ve created. It is a membership site that walks you through how to care for your teeth and your child’s teeth from birth and beyond. 

I had several people reach out to me and say that they would love the information all in one place. The content inside is what I wished I had when I was a young mom. Things that I’ve gone through in my life, unexplained illnesses my family has gone through, and all the stuff that I learned down the rabbit hole that I went through with having cancer during COVID. 

My daughter did not outgrow bedwetting; they said that she would and what we did about it. When I found out that a lot of what both she and I had was due to our mouth and mouth breathing and then finding that my mom had it, my grandmother, my sister, and her daughter all suffered as well.   A lot of it is genetic, but then a lot is also epigenetic learned habits, things we’ve accumulated from our environment. 

There is a selection of books I’ve read. I have a lot of books! My daughter came in the other day, she saw I have about 40 books stacked up. She said, “mom, did you read all of those?”  Yes! Yes, I did!

This healthy mouth Academy has a bunch of resources of all the books that I’ve read that I recommend. It starts with taking ownership of your health, which you’ve heard me talk about. You only get one body and you are the owner Maslow’s theory of hierarchy are you have to meet the basic human needs in order to survive and thrive

You can’t move up in the world and live a better life if you’re just struggling to survive—oxygen, water nutrition, getting enough sleep, and respecting the one body you have. What I found, even with myself, is that I plug in my phone to recharge it every night before I go to bed and I go get my car to get an oil changed when the light goes on. I get the tires when they tell me that they need to get run. I changed the filters when needed.

But I wasn’t doing that for myself and my body until I had the wake-up call that I got sick and got cancer. I did not take care of the one thing that I needed to make everything else flow in my life. 

Until illness took over my life, my family and my Ex had kidney failure; my daughter was experiencing social anxiety and bedwetting and not wanting to spend the night at people’s houses.  Doctors were telling me she would outgrow these things. She never outgrew them. And I ended up going through a series of doctors. I went through five doctors to try to have her after I had eight miscarriages. I went through four doctors before I found one to treat breast cancer, even after still searching for how to stay cancer-free. 

Again, I found out things that I wish I had known before I made a choice to cut it out. 

So in this academy, I’m sharing all those resources and people I talked to, renowned doctors in their field. The Academy will have different interviews that I’ve done. I share the resources that I’ve used. Products that I use and recommend some of them. I’m an affiliate for some of them and some not. I shared them because they may help you. Some of these things don’t work for me. My body is really sensitive. Our family is allergic to preservatives and nitrates. So there are a lot of products that our family can’t use. 

But everybody is all different. And so what works for some might work not work for others. So there’s still information in there that I’ve tried to use. I love the products I share. 

It truly does take a community. We all learn from each other. And that’s why you see so many people sharing these days. You never know who it may help.

What questions do you ask?

Ask better questions and get better answers.

These are questions I asked myself:

Plus, how do you know who to trust?  

Where do you get information from, and who to believe?

I definitely had conflicting information about what to do, how to treat cancer, and whether I should have chemo or radiation. How should I eat? What foods are best for me now? 

What do I steer clear from? 

What milk is best for me? 

Is dairy milk almond milk? 

Is it coconut milk? 

Is it soy milk? 

Do you know if fluoride is good or not good? 

A lot of these things you have to decide for yourself, but knowing the information and hearing all this information is going to help you make more informed decisions. And again, it’s all information that I wish I would have had and I would have known!

The academy starts with Ownership of your health, and we break down each one of those things in a little more detail, oxygen, water, nutrition, and sleep, and they’re all modules in taking ownership of your health. 

  • Why your mouth is so important to your body?
  • The difference between mouth breathing versus nose breathing,
  • Nasal hygiene.
  • How should you take care of yourself before you think about getting pregnant?
  • What should you look for?
  • Do you have gum disease?
  • How are you breathing?
  • How much oxygen your baby gets? Your baby gets oxygen through the placenta and your blood. So if you’re getting less oxygen, your baby’s gonna get less.
  • You’re pregnant. Now what?
  • How do you care for yourself during pregnancy?
  • What do you need to look for?
  • What should you eat?
  • Where can you get help?
  • Who do you follow?
  • Now you have a baby, now what?
  • How do you take care of your baby?
  • What do you need to do to desensitize them and set them up for success?
  • Do you use nasal hygiene with them?
  • What do we do with baby teeth bottles and binkies
  • Breastfeeding versus bottle feeding?
  • What are we looking for with a lactation consultant?
  • Baby-led weaning?

I don’t know everything. So there are experts here who can help you with the things I don’t know. There’s a huge gap in treating kids between the ages of two and eight. We often tell parents not to bring their kids to the dentist until they have all of their teeth; I think they should bring them to the dentist as soon as they get their first tooth to look and see what’s going on here. 

We should be looking to see if their tissues are tethered as soon as they’re born. I think that they should get a release as soon as possible. We used to have midwives that would release that as soon as the baby was born. And when we started having babies in the hospital. That was a lost art that happened. 

James Nestor wrote a book called Breathe, which talks about the lost art of breathing. And I’m with him that breathing starts and ends our life. Breathing should be one of the 1st things we look at with our kids breathing. Where is their tongue? 

How are they feeding how they feed is going to determine how their face grows. How are we going to build beautiful faces with our kids? It starts with what we feed them and how they eat; how they eat is going to prevent getting tubes in their ears. And so we talk about that and how to care for their teeth from zero to six months, from six months to three months, and from three months to six years. I think I broke all that down, but it breaks it down from zero to 100 and beyond. Birth and beyond what you can do different milestones, you can look for what to look for with wisdom teeth and how to find the orthodontist. What questions to ask to find a provider that’s right for you? How to find a myofunctional therapist if you need one, how to find an EMT again, and what questions to ask. All of this is going to be in the healthy mouth Academy. It starts with 30 modules, so it doesn’t overwhelm you. And it drops modules every couple of weeks. Once a month all the way through the year.

For the first 200 people. The year subscription is the same as the lifetime subscription. It costs $495 to see me for one visit at the dental office. I take x-rays, you’d get an exam, oral cancer screening, a cleaning, and fluoride if you need it. 

$497 is what I’m charging for a year or for a lifetime for the first 200 members to join the academy. It’s going to save you money. It will save you time and be a place where you can get all the information if you trust me. I’m not for everyone. 

If I’m not your person, that’s okay. You can share this with people, but it’s just a place to get information all in one place. So you don’t have to search for information as I did. You don’t have to do the research. I’ll break it all down in there for you. So it makes it easy to find the information and the resources for products you need throughout your child’s life when it comes to the health of their mouth

I’ve been a dental hygienist for over 30 years. I have been a myofunctional therapist for three years now. I’ve been a mom for over 18 years, and I love a lot of this stuff. Unfortunately, I had a lot of health issues with myself and my family, and we went through many providers who didn’t know how to address what we were experiencing. I myself spent over $300,000 in my lifetime between insurance and providers and supplements and trying to find things that were right for me! It’s crazy. When I broke it down and looked at how much money I’ve spent for health care. I could only shake my head.  Our western health care system is all about treating signs and symptoms and giving you a pill to treat it. The holistic approach was I went down after the miscarriages after five specialists told me I wouldn’t have a child. 

Eastern medicine looks at your whole body. So I talk a lot about the difference between Western medicine and Eastern medicine and how to find different doctors that help you through that guide and different people that helped me through cancer. So it’s a whole lot of information in one place. I hope that it’s helpful and it’s something that you might like. We have a monthly membership, a yearly membership and a lifetime membership. I think the lifetime membership is the best deal. 

If you only get a monthly membership and stop, you lose access to the information because I can’t cut it off when you stop. The modules keep dropping. So once your month is up, you lose access to all the information. 

So if you want to have the information through your child’s journey, birth, and beyond, the lifetime membership is going to be the best deal. 

Right now, it’s less than one visit to the dentist, and it will save you a lot of time and money. Brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist is just a little piece of the puzzle. pH mouth breathing, what you feed yourself and your family, diet, and different things you can look for. Those are all things that will help prevent cavities and help you live a happier life. 

If you follow me, you know that mindset, how you take care of your nose, your mouth, and what you put in your body are all that’s going to determine how your child grows, develops, how they breathe, how they sleep, their behavior, and just what type of life they have. 

A healthy mouth is a healthy body and a happy, healthy life. 

If you’d like more information, click the link below to get access to see what it is all about. If it is for you?

It truly takes the community and that’s what life is about helping others live happier healthier lives.


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