Tooth decay is a disease. There are a variety of factors that cause it!

Your mouth is a warm, inviting incubator for bacteria!

You feed the bacteria every day with the foods you eat and drink. The bacteria excrete their waste biofilm, and plaque builds on your teeth. Plaque is a nesting ground for germs to grow and colonize.

Diet and brushing play an essential role in your body, being able to protect itself from decay.

We know sugar, carbohydrates, and processed foods, feed the plaque, and weaken the tooth surfaces.

When the tooth surface has been compromised, it causes a white or brown spot on the tooth known as a cavity.

When bacteria are removed, and diet is improved, cavities are prevented!

Fifty million Americans will get a cavity before their 18th Birthday.

Over 300 types of bacteria live inside the human mouth. Bacteria excrete waste, forming plaque and cavities without proper diet and dental care.

Bacteria cause inflammation that can contribute to heart disease, endocarditis, certain cancers, and even premature births for pregnant women.

It is not all doom and gloom you can prevent diseases in the mouth with consistent oral hygiene habits.

Everyone the opportunity to pause and consider the importance of proper oral hygiene and overall health.

While it can be fun to learn that an elephant’s tooth may weigh up to seven pounds see my Instagram for pictures, the real lesson is how well you should care for your teeth.

With so much information out it’s hard to decipher and navigate through the words and videos. Find the people you connect and relate to that can help you reach your health goals whatever they may be!

Do not wait until another year, a few months or even a day to pass by you.

It is never too late to start taking good care of your oral health, create proper brushing, and eating habits. The direction your life takes is always up to you.

The best thing about free will is you have the control to learn and implement what is important to you.

Brush, floss or don’t use fluoride or not visit your dentist regularly these are all choices for you to make to keep your teeth and your body happy and healthy for the rest of your life.