Today my guest is Melissa Deely an integrated mind-body health practitioner also trained in NLP timeline therapy hypnotherapy. She’s dedicated to helping her clients discover the root cause of their health issues and truly help them heal. By diagnosing their physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It’s all connected together and it starts with your mindset all the way down. 

Melissa’s business is 100%. Virtual. Melissa also uses her power of functional medicine and IQ tests that are mailed to your home offering your high level of support to ensure your client’s success as we navigate through bringing your physical, mental, and emotional bodies back to health and balance by creating a lifestyle of habits that ensure lasting results because healthy habits are a healthy life. 


My mission is to create a healthier global community. And the way I do that is by sharing this message. A little bit about how you got started on this journey because I know being a mom most of what we do, and this is something that happened with a family member that kind of sends us down a rabbit hole of learning and I think that you have a similar story.

I do and seven years ago, I was let go from my 24-year corporate career when big fish bought little fish. And I was given an hour to clear out my desk. And at that moment, I knew three things I was never going to work for someone else again. That whatever I did next had to be more of service. To the planet and to humanity. And then I had no idea what it was going to be. But I was open to being guided through my daughter’s health journey but first I was guided into finding a company that specialized in brain supplementation. And I thought that was really interesting because I knew I use my brain 24/7 And no one had ever told me that I could be doing more for the health of my brain. And that was of interest to me particularly because I was aware of the near epidemic levels of Alzheimer’s and dementia in the world and it got me thinking too, about the fact that my grandmother was 99 years old and still living at home looking after herself fully cognitively functioning. And I wanted to get on her path.

It had me start asking the question, okay, I’ve got good genes but is that enough? And I don’t know what made me ask that question, but I started asking it so then I started comparing her life to my life when she was born in little Christchurch, New Zealand back in 1916. You know the bottom corner of the world before World War Two and all the toxins that have come in since then, growing all their own food on their property. And I was raised in Tokyo, Japan in the 1970s at the height of manufacturing plants spewing out toxins. So I knew that I was way more toxic than my grandmother. Yes, I had good genes, but that toxicity was a problem. So I was learning about the brain. I was learning about the impact of toxicity on the brain and then toxicity on the body. And four months after diving into all of this, my oldest daughter got a concussion in her first grade 12 soccer game of the season, and she just started using this brain supplementation, and well I wasn’t working full time and she didn’t have the cognitive ability to go to the appointment and then come home and tell me what the practitioner had told her she needed to do before the next appointment on her healing journey. So I went with her and I was excited to go with her for my own learning about the brain and also because these supplements I knew I had, you know, the nutritional benefit for anybody’s brain. But I could see that many of the symptoms that people with concussions suffered from could also be benefited from this supplement. And we have a lot of experts in concussion in our town because I’m in Whistler BC, which is a downhill ski resort in the summer. It’s downhill biking. So we have a lot of experts but no one else was talking about that nutritional piece right. And so I was basically guiding my daughter’s healing recovery ensuring the nutritional piece was covered while also taking her to various appointments with physiotherapy, cranial sacral, Reiki, etc, etc. Two months after that, I’m driving to Vancouver, and I get a phone call from the high school. Could I please pick up my younger daughter because she has a suspected concussion from grade eight gym class. And at that moment I literally looked out across the horizon and said really, this is how you show me my path stock-taking out my children. So now I have two very different concussions. And now I’m going to both sets of appointments and guiding my daughter’s healing journey and I realized people needed more support on any healing journey between appointments. Then you know, a medical model was provided at this time because the body only heals in a relaxed state. When you’re guided in your healing journey, you can relax and trust the process. 

When you’re not. You’re still concerned. Am I doing it? Right? You’re maybe going to Google to check out your symptoms and anybody can self-diagnose imminent death on Google and so that’s stressful. And just not knowing if you’re doing it right. Are you healing fast enough, getting your questions answered when you have questions, remembering your questions for your next appointment, all of those things cost stress. So I was dieting the girl’s journey and of course, we live in a small town so people knew the story, and pretty soon I was invited to work in a holistic clinic that was opened to help other people with their concussion recovery and bring that nutritional peace to it. People were already calling me and asking for help with their children, their spouses, and their employees, bringing the employee back to work. So I saw that as being a way to you know, help humanity one of my goals and so why not except I couldn’t work there because I couldn’t get insurance because I didn’t have any certification other than you know, the last however many months of my own research, my own learning through my girls experience, etc, etc. 

So I called a friend who was a life coach because that had been ruminating in the back of my head ever since I’d been let go, that it hadn’t landed. And I called him and I said you’re a life coach. Where did you do your certification because I need a certification. I want to go to a reputable good school. And he goes, You don’t need to be a life coach. You need to be a health coach. And I just went, “What’s that like? I literally never heard that term before. And I got so excited at that moment that it felt like another gift dropped in my lap from the universe through my friend and I started Googling health coaching and I literally found one that absolutely aligned with everything that I wanted to be doing. And I started in their next cohort which was like 10 days later. And I’ve literally never looked back when I started that I knew immediately. I found my purpose. I found my passion and I just couldn’t learn fast enough. The more I learned the more I wanted to know. I just wanted to do this 24/7 Because I was absolutely fascinated.

But also I was having all of these questions like why don’t I know this? I’m over 40 years old and I’ve never learned this about my body or about my health etc. If I’d known this before, I would have done things differently. But now I do know it so now I’m also implementing what I’m learning into my own life and improving my health along the way because I realized I could and that was really powerful. 

We don’t know what we don’t know. But as I started learning it now I know and then it’s a matter of what you do with that knowledge right. So I was implementing it and then from there, I was introduced through the health institute to the work of Dr. Steven coverall. And that’s when I saw the functional medicine labs. And I was super excited because when we can show people what’s going on inside their body to help them get to the why, or why they’re feeling the way they’re feeling. That’s really powerful information as well. That’s truly getting to the root cause and we’re not just masking symptoms with a drug to make the symptom go away, but it doesn’t actually address the issue, which unfortunately is what very often is happening in our mainstream medical world. 

Now don’t get me wrong, we are excellent in acute care. And we have many excellent doctors out there who went into medicine and studied for years and years in order to help people heal. But the system is broken and it has become a sick care model where many people get told we don’t know what’s wrong with you. Because what they have going on isn’t showing up in the standard doctor’s blood tests that they do. And then that patient is frustrated because they know something’s wrong and they want to understand it and they’re not getting answers or they’re being sent away with a drug and being told we can’t do anything more for you. You have to take this for the rest of your life, which people don’t necessarily want either. And often when we do that, we’re masking a symptom, but then the body’s like, Well, that didn’t do what I wanted you to do. 

So now I’m going to give you another symptom to get you to actually take different action, right? We have to be listening to our body because it talks to us. So the functional medicine labs really intrigued me because now we were going to actually see the imbalances in the body. You go to the doctor they might run your cholesterol levels and then tell you you’ve got high cholesterol but they don’t tell you why because that lab doesn’t show that in the functional medicine labs when we’re looking at the imbalances, we start to have an understanding of why. And that was really important to me. And those labs don’t diagnose disease. 

I’m not a doctor. I don’t diagnose disease. I don’t cure people, right but what I’m looking for is the imbalances that give us the why then we know how to support the deficiencies that are creating the imbalance to bring the body into balance. And it will then heal itself because that’s what it’s designed to do. And ultimately, our bodies are out of balance in today’s world because of high stress, poor nutrition, and poor sleep, like it really comes down to those three things, because we haven’t been taught enough about them and even our doctors are not being taught about those lifestyle factors at medical school. 

 I don’t do surgery. You know, they might be trained in that they’re trained in so many areas I’m not trained in and vice versa so we can work in partnership. And that’s why I absolutely love this work is getting to the why and that’s something that I did myself going back to my early 20s when suddenly I had really bad migraines. I previously had migraines that were, you know, hormonal and came monthly. All of a sudden I had them five days in a row. They were painful and it was getting in the way of me getting my work done and living my life. I went to the doctor and asked why and all the doctor could do was give me a stronger prescription.  I left there and I continued my research and I came across a naturopathic doctor and I went to see her and you know through our intake together we went through my diet, my lifestyle, all of these things and she said at the end, let’s run your hormones through a saliva test. And see what’s happening with your hormones. I was like yes because that’s going to help me get to the why. So we did that. And I found out my progesterone level was very, very low. 

So now I knew what was going on. And she gave me this disgusting tonic that I had to drink for, you know, a teaspoon of for every day for two weeks of my cycle. For two months. And even after the first two weeks, my mind has basically disappeared, right I’d rebalance my hormones because I got to the why. And so again intuitively way back then in my early 20s, I knew it was important to get to the why. And I kept going until I found someone who could help me. And here’s the interesting thing. Is that lab I did way back then the very same labs that I can now offer to my clients. So it’s come full circle, and it’s really powerful work and it’s not just hormone labs I can do there are many labs that help us see what is going on inside the body. Because then we can truly get the body back into balance and it will take over and heal itself. 

We’re all trained in our respective areas. But when people start to recognize that health is truly their greatest asset and choose to take preventative care of their health, the way they do their other greatest assets, their car, their house, they’ll recognize the value in having their medical doctor, but also a health coach and integrative health practitioner and other you know, coaches slash healers in their world because it takes team collaboration to no one person can know everything. Right? Right and no one practitioner is the perfect practitioner for every person. You need to find the people that you resonate with, that you know, and your beliefs align with their beliefs. I know for me and many other healers, we offer an initial complimentary call just to get to know you. So you can see if I want to work with her or No, I don’t like her, I don’t want to work with her. And that’s fair enough, right? Not everyone’s gonna want to work with me. Right? But just knowing that these modalities are available is helpful to people because the doctors don’t know so they tell you.


Absolutely. We probably take better care of our car, than our bodies, and our car has a tune-up and oil changes for maintenance. I tell people your mouth is the check engine light of your body and you have cavities. It’s a sign that your pH is off. Because cavities don’t happen if your pH is above 7.0. If you’re getting bleeding gums, it’s a sign there’s an imbalance in your body.  Sometimes it can be, you are brushing your cut your gums, you don’t floss regularly so when you do you get bleeding, but most of the time if you get bleeding gums, it’s a sign that something is off and that’s what eventually ended up happening with me. I was losing my hair. My nails were breaking. I always have really strong nails and I was tired. And the doctors were like oh, you’re just stressed, you’re getting older. It’s hormones you’re getting to that medicalization, then my gums started bleeding. I was using my Waterpik and brushing and I knew that my gums were healthy. I knew that was a sign something was imbalanced and that’s how I ended up finding cancer. So I feel like if you pay attention as you said to what’s going on in your body, then you know where you can find the root cause and again, these are just signs that are treated by your dentist in your mouth. But when you’re with your mouth, they don’t treat the rest of your body. Just like you said the doctor only treated my breasts she didn’t look at the rest of my body or even asked, right? They just treat what you present as symptoms. They look at one symptom or organ at a time because we’re not looking at the whole person we’re just addressing the symptoms,  we’re not getting back to the why of what triggered an imbalance? 

Melissa ….

Yes! It’s all segmented. And yet the body is one interconnected, being, you know, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically and we have to look at all of them. And it’s really interesting because by the time the symptoms are showing up in the physical body, they’ve already worked through the spiritual mind, and emotional body, right, the physical body is the last body for it to show up in, and when so when you’re having symptoms, stop ignoring them, and start asking, Why, what is my body trying to tell me and where can I get support? 

Because that’s the other problem in today’s world is society normalizes our symptoms in the sense that how many people listening have a symptom. And simply go, oh, it’s aging. We accept feeling worse as we get older. Yeah, we think that’s normal. And so we don’t do anything about the symptom, right? Our joints are hurting. We’re walking more slowly. It’s aging and doing nothing, as opposed to Why are my joints hurting? Well, there’s inflammation in my body that’s triggering that. Why is there inflammation in my body? Well, that inflammation can be triggered by many things, poor sleep, poor nutrition, you know, a highly inflammatory diet, toxic load, you know, you mentioned the toxins that you had in your body which we all have because as I mentioned, World War Two is kind of where they started tracking. Since World War Two 144,000 manmade chemicals have been introduced into our world. It’s too much for our bodies to cope with. The average woman is putting over 200 Toxins onto her skin before going out to start her day. Through all of the personal care products that we use. And every product has multiple toxins. If you’re not buying clean products, you’re just buying them at your local drugstore, chances are they’ve got toxins in them. And those toxins get straight into our bloodstream in 26 seconds. Right? 

We’re not taught this which is why I so appreciate the opportunity to share this message with people because like you said, you ran the labs and you found your toxins. That’s what I do for people. I’ve been helping a number of women this year who have been high in mercury on their lap, and I asked them to go to their dentist and check their amalgams right. And three of them have found they were cracked, and they would never have known that if they hadn’t run this lab to see that mercury toxicity. So now I’m saying you have to go to a holistic dentist in order to have them removed safely. And then we’re going to do a heavy metal detox to get the rest of that mercury out. And they’re like, Thank God I found this because mercury is a neurotoxin. So what happens is we end up on that path of Alzheimer’s and dementia, which again we just write off as normal in today’s world. It doesn’t happen unless you create the environment for it to happen. And we don’t have to just accept it as normal. Bring about seasonal allergies, seasonal allergies, that’s normal. Or we blame it on our genes. That’s normal. Whatever something we have, right yeah, all my family had cavities. I just got cavities. Right? It doesn’t have to be that way. And I know we used to believe that it was but with the science of epigenetics, which is a relatively new science in the last 10 years, we now know that that is not true. Because what that tells us is that it’s only five to 10% of the equation that we can attribute to our genes that dictate our health outcomes. Five to 10%. That’s it. 90 to 95% is actually equated to the lifestyle we lead and the environment we create inside our bodies. So if it’s a toxic environment that’s highly inflammatory, where we’re feeding our cancer cells and killing off our killer cancer cells, et cetera, et cetera. Yeah, we’re going to create a disease state in our body, and that’s going to cause ourselves to turn on the genes to whatever disease we’re predisposed to. 

Sheree…Yeah, absolutely. 


But we can create an environment inside our body that doesn’t turn on that disease state by learning how to you know, detox and get those toxins out, as well as learning about good nutrition and good sleep and good exercise and how these lifestyles

These lifestyle factors impact the health of our bodies. And when we know that we can do things differently, right. So I love that because, you know, I’ve heard her many times, and I’m sure you have, oh, you know, your grandmother had breast cancer. Your mother had breast cancer, so you’re gonna get breast cancer? How many poor women lived in fear of getting breast cancer because of that statement? And we’re living in fear. What’s that stress state? What does that do to weaken our immune system? And we’re thinking about that in the back of our minds all the time, I’m gonna get breast cancer. They tell me I’m gonna get breast cancer. I’m gonna get breast cancer. Well, what happens when you say that? I’m going to say, cancel, cancel, cancel here. Because when we say things over and over again, we make it happen. That’s the power of our mind and so that’s where it’s so important, as well as what toxic thoughts are you having in your mind that we need to detox, which is a huge part of ensuring our optimal

health. Absolutely. And then women that are going to have babies when you that epigenetics goes three generations out. So we are right now we have heavy metal toxins, I’m trying to get my daughter to get tested to see what she has because you pass that down. So you have to start eating clean now. Get those toxins out of your body for your children and your grandchildren to get that out of their system. So I’m already past childbearing years, so that means we need to get my daughter cleared. So when she has children and they have children, they are going in the right direction to being healthy versus you know, me passing that along as well. But you can get that out of your body because it’s not your genes. It’s what choices you make.

That the microbiome does go back three generations. And so what I see too is what I see in today’s world, there’s actually a documentary called 10 Americans and people can go and watch that it’s about 20 minutes. It’s by new G which is the Environmental Working Group. And it shows babies today and this isn’t a current movie. I think it’s at least 10 years old, if not more babies are being born with toxins because they’re testing the placenta. So mom is toxic and it’s being passed through to the baby as you’re saying and this impacts you know, there are a lot of lot more children on the autism spectrum, right. And so when the microbiome isn’t properly developed in those first few years of life to age about three, three and a half because of imbalances, nutrient deficiencies coming through mom, toxicities coming through mum, as well as what we’re feeding them in those first three years of life, that is often a trigger for a diagnosis of a child being on the autism spectrum. And, again, we just don’t have the knowledge to know that firsthand. But people listening to this podcast now you do. So what are you going to do with this knowledge? Who are you going to share this podcast with in order to help them not only for today but for their future and their children’s future and their children’s children’s future? Because this is so important, and now more than ever, we absolutely have to take control of our own health and be empowered in it. We know we can be empowered in it because 90 to 95% of the equation is in your control based on the lifestyle factors that you live. Absolutely. And you can do this, you just need to know it.


Right? Yeah. As you said, we heal in our sleep. As a mom, if you’re a mouth breather, and you’re inhaling through your mouth and not your nose, you are not getting the filtration, the dehumidifying that your nose does you don’t get the nitric oxide to exchange you’re not breathing through your diaphragm.  So you’re getting 18% Less oxygen to your brain. if she’s a mouth breather, then your baby is getting less oxygen during the pregnancy. When babies are born, they are nose breathers and they learn to develop a good suck and swallow breath which in turn helps their palate develop wider. How we feed our infants and how they breathe as they grow can affect behavior and speech and sleep. If they are not sleeping well they may be experiencing sleep disordered breathing, waking up tired, or getting dark circles under their eyes. This is something that we can be looking for in your child.

From the beginning, we need to help our kids breathe better because you can live without food for three weeks. You can live without water for three days without sleep depending on the individual. I wouldn’t want to go over three days without sleep. I can function after one. But you can’t live without oxygen for four to six minutes. 


Absolutely. And that’s why I love the fact that we connected and I love the work that you do. Because I do understand how absolutely important that is. And I do also hear, I can’t believe how many adults are using CPAP machines, right? To help them with sleep, et cetera. And again, that’s not getting to the root cause, that’s giving the band-aid solution which is uncomfortable, none of them like it, etc. But they tolerate it because obviously they want to sleep and they don’t want to stop breathing. But let’s resolve it once and for all. And that’s what I really love helping people within my work as well. And people might think that sounds like hard work and I don’t want to do it. You know, I want the easy quick fix, but there is no easy quick fix, right? It’s either you keep tolerating the CPAP machine you keep tolerating your symptoms, or you get more and more symptoms, right? Or use you stop doing that and you take the time to do the work and here’s the thing that I say to my clients all the time, if I’m putting them on a protocol to heal their gut, for instance, right, maybe they’ve got SIBO or Candida overgrowth, maybe they got mold or fungus or parasite. It’s going to take three months. Okay. But how long have they been suffering? So I know when I tell you three months is like oh my god three months. How am I gonna do that? Right? But then when I put it in perspective, how long have you been suffering? 

For some people? It’s a year for some people, it’s five years. For some people, it’s 40 years. Three months is nothing to come out the other side. You know, heal your gut, allow your gut to heal, because again, it’s not me doing it. You have to do the work with your body and your body will heal. You have to stop somewhere and do it right. If your car broke down. Would you just be like, Oh, well, you know, a wheel fell off. I’ll drive with three wheels. That’s kind of what we do with our bodies. Right? But that isn’t gonna work for your car. You get your car repaired at your house, right? We take out the trash, we vacuum, and we repair broken things. If the door fell off the front door, would you be like oh well, and leave it? No, you’d repair the door. But what do you do with your body? 

You have these symptoms, things stop working. gut health, right? How many people out there are suffering from constipation or diarrhea. This is not normal. This is a sign your gut is unhappy and you shouldn’t be putting up with it every single day. We need to get to the root cause we need to fix it. How many people are taking antacids every single day? Have you ever read the label? It says don’t take this for more than two weeks at a time. And guess what? And acids are actually making the situation worse even if your doctor prescribed them because they’re blocking stomach acid. But your body needs stomach acid to break down your food. So if you block your body from producing stomach acid and you still eat, that’s a problem. But of course, you need to your body has too much acidity and that causes disease. So, exactly. You’re just masking the symptoms.


Exactly right. But people don’t realize this because society and advertisements normalize heartburn. Oh, you should use this fantastic pill. You should go get it at your local drugstore. So you go buy it because that’s what happens, right? We talk, we listen to our friends and our family and what they’re all doing and it seems like everyone’s doing it. So it must be the right thing. But it’s not the right thing. When we’re masking. We need to get to the root cause and there’s always a reason why right? Instead of a pill for every ill. 


Yes, that just doesn’t work. We wouldn’t have all the chronic illnesses in the world today. If it was as easy as that pill worked right? A piece of that too is that I guide people through detoxification programs because we have to clear out the body before putting anything good in otherwise you put the good in and it just gets in all mixed up and goes nowhere right and or overflowing trash can in the park. You put a healthy apple on the top where does it go? It just probably falls down to the side and doesn’t even get where you want it to go. That happens in your body too. So we first clear out the toxins, open up the pathways and get the liver functioning properly again so it can do its job properly, cleanse your blood every six minutes, etc. Then we put in healing protocols so that they get to the cells that need it so that your healing can be that much more effective and fast. Right. And so understanding your toxins as a place of starting is really important. And I truly believe if we just had the entire Western world, detoxing, that we wouldn’t have the chronic illness that we have in the world today. 

You look at medicine, Latin American medicine, and Chinese traditional medicine, they all still detox to this day. Where’s the chronic illness in the world? Not in those places, right. We’re taught to have a shower and wash our outer body and that’s good for good health and good hygiene. But it’s not enough truly for good health. We have to wash our inner body and pay attention to it because as Hippocrates said, way back when 2000 plus years ago, your inner body your gut is the epicenter of your health. So we can’t forget about it and ignore it.


No. And we do. So what would you advise people, let’s say you’re having some symptoms or you’re ignoring some symptoms? What advice would you give someone?


Well, first of all, honestly, I have a free gift for the audience and it’s called Discover Your Toxic Load and it goes through it. 

There are 105 questions, but it doesn’t take that long to do. It goes through a whole bunch of symptoms. And it’s a big aha for people because when you’re ignoring the symptoms, you’re not paying attention to them right. And then now you’re being asked to pay attention to it and you’re like oh bleeding gums is on there.

 Oh you know all of these different crusted eyes, you know, blocked ears, trouble with sleep, etc 

100 by different symptoms that are very, very common. And you’re gonna start saying yes, I’ve you know, I feel that often I feel it, you know, monthly, I rarely feel it. And that’s gonna give you a score as to your toxicity level. And that’s your starting point. And that score could be high and that’s okay. Because now you know, right and then it’s what do you do with that? Do you take action or do you just ignore it? 

When you take action and you learn how to detox your body and, you know, help get your liver functioning properly. Again, now you’re on the path of taking empowered action for your own health. And when I guide people through programs, I make it as easy as possible with absolutely delicious recipes. 

I know the word detox does not sound fun, but I tried to make it as fun as possible so that you can be successful and now you know how to do it and we make it a lifestyle because the toxins are always coming in. We can’t have them, unfortunately, in this day and age, we have to accept that they’re coming in. And so we have to always get them out. But once people do it the first time, they love it, they love how they feel. They love the benefits and they’re excited to do this quarterly so that they can keep feeling amazing, right. And when we create the environment for the body to heal, it will heal and when we do feel good, we’re motivated to keep feeling good and take actions that make us keep feeling good. And okay, we might fall off from time to time, and then guess what? We feel like crap. We’re like, feel like crap. Oh, yeah, I ate this, or I did that. And it’s a lesson that I don’t want to do again because I like how I feel when I’m feeling good. 


Absolutely. That’s a great starting point.


 But in terms of like something, somebody can start today like the simplest thing is are you hydrating enough? Because that’s a flush for the body. And is it good quality water? Are you drinking water that’s full of aluminum and full of you know other toxins that are many municipalities’ water is quite toxic. So you want to know how good the quality of your water is and if it’s not good, you want to have a good water filtration system or a good water filter jug. But just hydrating enough helps flush the body and you should be hydrating at 50% of your body weight every single day. So what I mean by that is if you weigh 150 pounds, half of that is 75 pounds. So you need to be drinking 75 ounces of water every single day. Most people are not coming close to that and Coffee Pop and alcohol don’t count as hydration. So if you’re drinking all of those things, you still need 75 ounces of water on top of that or herbal tea or a good health smoothie type drink. So that’s a great starting point.

Along with doing the quiz, because that’ll just give you some knowledge.

Absolutely. And then let’s say they do the quiz. Where do they go after that? Do you have something that walks them through that if they take a quiz?

Yeah, so after they take the quiz, they’ll get their score, and they get an invitation to book a discovery call with me to review their score. And just you know talk about how those symptoms are impacting their life and review the quiz with them so they can understand what the next steps are so they can make the right decision for themselves and their health.


That’s awesome. Thank you so much. I wish that I had known that before I got sick and now I’m telling all my friends you need to do this. Because if you don’t know, you don’t know what can happen if you’re just waiting for symptoms to occur or just start feeling bad. If you already feel bad. You really need to be testing so I was so excited to hear what you did because I think that it’s needed and I think everyone should do this. 

I have a friend that does what you do and she says if you are not testing you are guessing. You should know what’s happening in your body. I was so low on vitamin D. 

That was something that was easily correctable but I had no idea that I was low on vitamin D because we don’t test for that on routine blood work 


 I would say easily 90% of the people that I see on those lab results, their levels are low. And vitamin D is so critical to our immune system to our brain health to our bone health. And it’s also been a really critical aspect through this recent pandemic of who gets COVID and stays out of the hospital and out of the ICU or who doesn’t even get COVID at all. Because when your vitamin D levels are optimal, you are far less likely to be getting COVID, Or if you do get it it’s far milder.

Yes, even losing your hair that you get from COVID If you have a higher level of vitamin D, you’re less likely to lose the hair that people are losing.

Nobody, especially women, wants to be losing their hair right. So what we have to do and I actually just included this in my weekly newsletter two weeks ago, I think because it’s so prominent right now. We have to help the body heal. How do we do that? We start with detoxing. 

We look at mineral and vitamin levels to bring the body back into balance. So if people are struggling with that again, reach out.


Awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time and explaining what you do and how people can take ownership of them their health because Western medicine is like you said it’s a secure system. It’s not a health care system. So if you truly want to be healthy, you really have to take this on: Be your own healthcare advocate, be your children’s healthcare advocate, and start living healthier lives. If we’re not living healthier lives, we’re living sicker lives. We’re living to be older, but we’re sicker. And we’re spending a lot of our retirement on health care. So if you want to live your life and spend your money doing fun things and making memories with your family, you really need to start taking control of your health. And it’s all up to you.


I agree 100% You can pay now or you can pay later, but the cost when you pay later is so much higher, not only in terms of the monetary cost, but the emotional cost, etcetera, and the turmoil for your family because what I’m seeing now the latest stats show that in North America, the average person is spending 10 years in a nursing home slowly dying. So you’re right. We’re living longer, but it’s not a quality of life. We’re actually dying longer. 

But what if you could live right to the very end as my grandmother did. She ended up dying in her sleep at 101. That’s what I want, right? I don’t want to spend 10 years in a nursing home not even knowing who’s coming to visit me. Right, right. There’s no quality of life and that puts so much stress on the family who feel obliged to come and visit you and their heartache in visiting you and seeing that you’re not the whole person that you used to be. It truly doesn’t have to be that way when you take ownership of your health today. And the beautiful thing about our human body is that it doesn’t matter who you are. It’s not too late. Just start today because when we create that environment for the body to start healing, it starts healing very quickly. In a three-week detox, my clients see profound effects that are so positive for their health


Yes. Like your website says don’t wait for the wake-up call?  I am working with people so we can get this word out. So you don’t have to wait for the wake-up call like I did.


Exactly. That’s the name of my podcast actually. So if people want to tune in, they can go find my podcast, because I agree it’s so important. Don’t wait. 


That’s what your doctor’s sick care model is suggesting, oh, we can’t. We go home, get sicker and then come back and we’ll figure it out. They’re pushing you to wait for the wake-up call. But it shouldn’t be that way. That’s such an interruption in your life. And it’s such a struggle to come back from. Let’s catch things that are getting out of balance sooner because it’s much easier to bring them back into balance at that point.

 or even email me at Melissa at your guided health 

Those are the best ways to reach out to me and just to even further add to that I said at the very beginning you need to be in partnership in your health. You still need to work with your medical doctor and run the labs they run. Find a health practitioner like myself and a naturopath doctor, whoever works with someone like you that’s focusing on the mouth as well. And people that work with me still I don’t know everything and I can’t do everything right. So I have other partners that I work with and will refer people to whether it be you know, if you’re struggling with addictions, that’s not an area I focus on, but I know someone who does if you want to get off prescription medications, that’s not something that I can guide you through because I’m not a doctor, but I can refer you to a concierge pharmacist who that’s what she does, right. So working with me opens up another whole network of people that can become part of your network that you know how to contact when you need.


Hopefully, you got one tidbit of information that can help you or a loved one. Have a better, happier, longer healthier Life.