I recently interviewed Dr. Rollins on The Healthy Mouth Movement Podcast! Below are what we discussed along with excerpts from his interview with Kristen Bess, RN, and Aroga® Wellness Partner.

What Dr. Rollins had to say about strengthening your Immune system and why it is so important.

Dr. Rollins, what is this new discovery that Dr. McAnalley is bringing to market?
This new discovery is a system of nutritional support products based on the diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. These products are 100% whole plants that support the naturally occurring genetically programmed system called Apoptosis. Many of these plants have bitter components that have been found to have significant health-building properties.

Can you please explain in simple terms what Apoptosis is and why we need certain nutrients to aid that process in the body?
Our body consists of over 30 trillion cells. Billions of those cells are being damaged every day. Apoptosis is the name given to our body’s natural process for repairing or replacing damaged cells. Apoptosis is perhaps one of the most critical and incredibly complex process- is occurring in all of our individual cells and must be very tightly regulated.

Intensive worldwide research has demonstrated that specific plant nutrient components are used by our body to properly maintain and/or help restore normal apoptosis pathways regulation. Unfortunately, many of those required plant nutrients are missing or deficient in our modern diets.

Do you think it is as significant as Dr. McAnalley’s first discovery?
This discovery is even more significant than Dr. McAnalley’s earlier discovery. The plants found in Aroga® products are, for the most part, not found in our diets, and/or the bitter components have been removed by agricultural practices leaving a void of important nutrients necessary for supporting health. Many companies are spending great sums of money to synthetically prepare these bitters to make apoptotic products. The Aroga® approach is the complete opposite, supporting the body to be “more normal” by supplying specific plant nutrients is proving to be a wise and safe choice.

Why do you feel so strongly that the discovery of these nutrients is the best candidate to disrupt the current boom in the wellness industry?
While our cells need many nutrients to be healthy, staying healthy is a whole different issue. Repairing or eliminating damaged cells involves a different mechanism of action and different plant nutrients to accomplish.

Aroga® products are truly unique and different. While many individual ingredients have been used for millennia, no one had ever recognized the collective ability of various combinations of the plant components to have such a powerful effect in helping to both support and balance apoptosis in the human body. It is great that we now have supplements that finally get to the heart of what has recently been discovered that our cells need for optimal health. Aroga® products support the natural process of our cells that takes place on the inside, thus extending the support that Dr. McAnalley’s first nutritional discovery provided on the outside of our cells.

How is this different than all other nutritional complexes out there?
These are 100% whole-plant supplements that are not like any others in the marketplace. This discovery is unique (new), has not been made or conceived before (un-obvious in the scientific community), and has utility (it works). It’s important to state here that the Aroga® products are not, I repeat, are not vitamins or minerals, proteins, or essential fatty acids. They contain whole plants that consist largely of bitter components. Dr. McAnalley’s research over the past decade has resulted in discovering hundreds of these components and the ways in which they synergistically work together to regulate the many apoptosis pathways throughout the body. The Aroga® whole-plant ingredients are carefully gathered from around the world and are evaluated, tested, and hand-packed in the United States (US). They contain zero fillers or flow agents, consisting only of 100% all-natural whole-food ingredients. The Aroga® laboratory and practices have received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications and recognition. There is nothing like this available anywhere else.

With your experience in the US Patent Office, what is the significance of the patents being filed now for this new discovery?
Our government and many around the world all agree that an inventor is entitled to the protection of his or her discoveries if they are “New”, “Un obvious” and have “Utility”. Therefore, when these criteria are satisfied, the inventor can receive a limited time when no one else can profit from his/her invention. In the United States, the period of exclusivity is 20 years.

Each year in the US and around the world, thousands of applications are submitted for patent approval. However, generally, no more than 45-50% of these inventions are granted patent protection. From this number, only about 5% ever become financially viable and most never become big revenue producers.

Dr. McAnalley’s inventions are the exception! Each of the patents granted to Dr. McAnalley has been a huge revenue producer resulting in multi-billions in sales and the production of hundreds of millionaires. I have every expectation that his Aroga® discoveries will be even more successful.

You came out of retirement to work directly with Aroga®. Why?
My decision to come out of retirement to work with Dr. McAnalley was because I knew his research and product development history. In my 56-year career of scientific experience from student to university professor to Bio-Tech Patent Examiner, and beyond, I have studied, interacted with, researched, and reviewed hundreds of scientists and thousands of patent applications. But I have met very few other scientists that are as productive and insightful as Dr. Bill. He has a heart for the well-being of people and is not driven for huge personal financial gain. Because of this, it is my privilege to help him bring health to the world by providing products that support the body’s normal physiology.

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