How many of you reading this learned about your teeth as a child?

It was not something we talked much about unless the tooth fairy made an appearance.

We brushed every day, at least once-twice a day maybe.

By the time you knew you had a problem in a tooth, it was usually because you were in pain, and you just had it pulled.

No big deal! There was no saving it, that was too expensive. You were most likely going to get dentures eventually anyway. Right?

Now we think differently about teeth, we know how much teeth cost to replace them, and they are not the same as what God gave us, so we save them.

Most people don’t even know they have a disease in their mouth.

Diseases in our mouths are invisible, especially at an early stage, there is generally no pain.

Plaque and bacteria that cause cavities can cover our teeth much like these kids are covered in mud.

Would we let these kids walk around like this for twelve to twenty-four hours?

I think not! We let our teeth be covered in plaque and bacteria for hours, for some people and teenagers its days between brushings!

If they are even brushing, I am hoping that putting that visual in your head makes you pause.

Think gross… I need to brush my teeth!

If you run your tongue along with your teeth and they feel fuzzy, they look like the kids in this picture…you don’t see the plaque. But it is there, wreaking havoc in your mouth causing destruction and you may not even know it!

So what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to make sure you have a daily oral health routine that will prevent disease in your mouth that can ultimately affect the health of your body, or are you going to do something about it?

What can you do? Brush twice a day, floss, waterpik, test your pH, see a dentist regularly. Educate yourself and your family of the importance of oral health.

Be a good role model. Discuss the importance of oral health with your children.

Most people are not using their toothbrush effectively to clean the plaque off their teeth.

Beyond brushing the foods that you eat play a role in the health of your mouth and body.

The truth is cavities, and dental disease can be avoided with early intervention, proper nutrition, and a consistent oral hygiene regimen.