We can all do a little MAGIC?

I have always loved magic and hated reading, until J.K rolling changed my thinking with her magical world of Harry Potter.

I have never enjoyed reading, I only did it because reading is important to learning, growing and gaining knowledge to help others.

Reading the Harry Potter stories to my daughter before she was even old enough to understand what I was saying, made me smile.

There is magic in a smile!

A smile is translated in any language.

Smiles have been described as having the power to lighten up any room?

A smile can boost your mood, brighten your day, help you live longer.

Smiling not only has the power to elevate your mood, but it can also change the moods of others and make them happier.

It is scientifically proven that smiles are “contagious!”

The simple act of smiling can transform you and the world around you.

Smiling increases happiness and lower stress

 Smiling affects the people around you

It takes a conscious effort to turn that smile upside-down.

If you’re smiling at someone, they can’t help but smile back.

If they don’t smile back at you, they either did not see you or they’re making a conscious effort not to smile back.(1)

Your smile is something that you should never be without, it increases the value of your face.
Make it a priority to surround yourself with people that brighten your day.
Be the positive, happy person in your group of friends. Make someone’s day by smiling at them.

Smiling Affects your body

You’re actually better-looking when you smile

Your more confident when you smile

People treat you differently when your smiling

When you are smiling you’re viewed as sincere, reliable and attractive  (2)

Both men and women are more attracted to people who smiled at them and made eye contact, than those who did not (3)

Smiling activates the release of neuropeptides that work toward fighting stress. (4)

Feel-good transmitters are all released when a smile flashes across your face. (5). This not only relaxes your body, but it can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

We all have a little magic in us, all we have to do is Smile!

There truly is magic in your Smile!
The answer is yes you can do magic, if you smile.


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