This Sonic Toothbrush Is Made Especially For Kids

Cavities are the #1 preventable childhood disease; as a dental hygienist for over 30 years, the statistic has not changed. I became a BURST ambassador because I love their products, and this company is phenomenal like no other!

Wizards have wands, fairies have magic dust, lights have swords, and superheroes have sidekicks! BURST kids brush it the plaque fighting superhero sidekick!

A quality brush that lasts

Say bye-bye to another manual brush-turned-chew-toy. BURST will deliver a replacement brush head every 12-weeks, and bonus with the subscription, the brush is backed by a lifetime* warranty!

Bursts soft silicone handle is designed for smaller hands, making it easier for kids to brush.

Magical Bristles

Burst brush has Super-soft black charcoal bristles expertly designed by dental professionals to be the right length and tapered shape to remove gross stuff the nooks and crannies of little mouths. It is truly like a magic wand, only better!  The smaller brush head is an easy fit for developing mouths. 

This sonic toothbrush offers 31,000 vibrations per minute. It removes 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. With a manual toothbrush, your little one will be lucky to get about 300 strokes per minute.

Technique tutor

You hold it at a 45% angle toward the teeth and gums for 3-5 seconds, and it does the rest.

A built-in two-minute timer that pauses every 30 seconds to signal when it’s time to move to another part of their mouth. Let the timer do the counting!

Two modes to suit your munchkin’s mood

For sensitive or ticklish mouths, choosing the right brushing mode couldn’t be easier.


Use this mode to experience the brush at full power and blast away plaque and other nasties.


Some kids, especially younger ones, have more sensitive teeth and gums, so this is the perfect model for them while still delivering an exceptional clean.

It has a base it sits in on the counter, so it does not touch the sink and can dry and is ready for action to get rid of those pesky sugar bugs.

Professional quality care for developing mouths.

A brilliant way for kids to clean: True sonic vibrations and soft, tapered charcoal bristles help remove bacteria and pesky plaque from kids’ teeth.

Easy to hold: The soft-touch silicone handle is designed to comfortably fit in a young cub’s paws, making it easier to use.

Get a gold star at the dentist: Your kids deserve the best! BURSTkids brushes have the same proven technology as our adult brushes but are designed specifically for kids. That means easier dental visits. Yippee!

Long-lasting charge: A single charge lasts up to 3 weeks. Between charges, the brush sits nicely in its cord-free cradle. Tidy.

Brush for the right amount of time: The 2-minute timer pulses every 30 seconds to signal it’s time to move on to a new quadrant of teeth.

Sonic Toothbrush Via subscription only: $7 replacement head, every 12 weeks, cancel any time.

Oh-so comfortable to hold, the sonic toothbrush can pack up to 31,000 vibrations every minute. We call it a plaque-fighting superhero

I became a BURST Ambassador because I love the products and because it is a phenomenal company!

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BURST has built an amazing community of tens of thousands of Dental Professionals. Better yet, so many of them happen to be supermoms and dads, too! That makes them one bottomless well of oral care knowledge. BURST came up with the finest products for the most precious little people in our lives. Thanks to our incredible Pros,  every BURSTkids product is designed and formulated with your kids’ dental needs in mind.

What makes the BURST Brush Unique?

In short, though, we have spared no expense in using the highest quality materials, sourced the highest quality components and created a product that is equal to, if not better, than anything else on the market. The difference with BURST is that we charge a price that is accessible to ALL. We haven’t achieved this price by cutting corners on production but through our unique business model, we ship products direct. This means that there are no middle men, expensive advertising campaigns and large mark ups going on through the chain.

We are also consumers just like you and don’t like being over charged for one of life’s necessities. That’s why we feel we are charging a FAIR price. Also, being consumers we like something looking good on our bathroom counter and hence, why we really made an effort to create something beautiful. This is a sexy brush, for sexy people!

We think BURST is incredible. And even better, so do our 100,000’s of customers! 1000’s Dental Professionals who recommend us to think so too.

But we decided that all our boundless enthusiasm wasn’t enough. We wanted you to have unbiased evidence that BURST really does hit it out of the ballpark regarding superior cleaning.

Burst decided that all our boundless enthusiasm wasn’t enough. We wanted you to have unbiased evidence that BURST really does hit it out of the ballpark regarding superior cleaning.

For more information send an email to, and our customer service team, many of whom are dental professionals, and will be happy to help.

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