Oraqix®   Anesthestic  Alternative


What is it?

Oraqix®, is a non-injectable local anesthetic liquid, a combination of (lidocaine 2.5%/prilocaine2.5%), which has been developed for patients requiring pain relief for procedures such as periodontal probing and scaling/root planing (SRP)…”


Oraqix® is a combination of (lidocaine 2.5%/prilocaine2.5%), two amino-amide anesthetics, which has a 30 second onset and 20 minute duration.


Making it a better option to topical anesthetics that are typically benzocaine, an amino-ester product and are water-soluble, generally taking several minutes to become effective, anesthetize only surface tissue, and last for about 10 minutes and wash away easily.


Why use it?

Oraqix contains a thermosetting agent that keeps it in place, which is great for adults who require localized anesthesia in periodontal pockets and are requesting an alternative to a local injectable anesthetic.


Oraqix is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to amide type local anesthetics or any other product ingredients. The most common adverse reactions in clinical studies were site reactions, headaches and taste dislike.


How to use it:

1. Open the sterile dispenser. Separate an individual Oraqix pack at the perforation and remove the blunt-tip applicator and carpule from the plastic tray.


2. Attach the blunt-tip applicator to the tip of the Dispenser carefully to prevent injury.


3. Reset the internal ratchet mechanism before loading the cartridge. This is accomplished by pressing the mechanism-reset button.


4. The air bubble present in the Oraqix cartridge allows the user to determine if the product is in a liquid or gel form. If the bubble is fixed or moves very slowly, cool the cartridge in a refrigerator until it becomes a liquid again. (do not freeze)


The cartridge may then be loaded into the tip or body of the Dispenser and locked into place.


5. The applicator tip may be bent using the cap if needed.


6. Depress the paddle and apply Oraqix on the gingival margin around the selected teeth using the blunt-tipped applicator.


7. Wait 30 seconds, then fill the periodontal pockets with Oraqix using the blunt-tipped applicator until the gel becomes visible at the gingival margin.


8. Wait another 30 seconds before starting treatment. Waiting longer does not enhance the anesthetic effect, which has a duration of approximately 20 minutes.


If the anesthesia starts to wear off, Oraqix may be re-applied if needed. The maximum recommended dose of Oraqix at one treatment session is 5 cartridges, i.e., 8.5g gel.


Typically, 1 cartridge (1.7g) or less of Oraqix will be sufficient for one quadrant of the dentition.



For more information on Oraqix: Read the dispenser direction for use that came in the box.