Today’s Guest is formerly known as Lois Kopi, she has been on this healing journey much like I am. I think that learning from someone who is coming from that space is amazing. Her spiritual name is Misty Madalina Grace, and she has been called the healer of healers. She specializes in grief, trauma and addiction. She works with couples, she helps people truly live their best lives with plant medicine. She’s a spiritual healer micro dosing Cambo she focuses on physical, mental and spiritual health

I wanted to speak to her today because I’m so excited about her journey and what she’s done. And I think she has a lot to share with us just for her expertise.


I was 2020 and I didn’t know it but I was about to hit my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional rock bottom. I had been wearing a mask probably wearing five different types of masks struggling as a mom struggling as a wife really focused on success, money taking action. And I really fell into that by surrounding myself with a lot of coaches, mentors, organizations, different industries that I had been in that were all about the money, all about the sales and all about just taking action every day. And so over time I became a binge, sorry, binge drinking workaholic, which I knew in my soul. That’s not who I was.

I was hiding my drinking. I was ashamed because alcoholism ran in my family. I had really fallen into making money and doing all these different things and was just really exhausted even though I was making 20 to $40,000 a month in the middle of a pandemic, launching the top 20 podcasts, you know getting 150 reviews, doing all the things right checking off the list, being a good girl. I wanted to die and I read the book called the surrender experiment before 2020. Now keep in mind, my brother did die of alcoholism in 2020. My mom died right after him and I never really had a mom, she’s schizophrenic. I was born in a mental institution hospital and she was out of my life very soon and a lot of abandonment issues, a lot of pain. 

But when she died and my brother died, it was almost like they gave me permission to start my healing process and gave me permission to admit I had a drinking problem giving me permission to really understand that wow, I never had a mom so therefore I’m feeling like a worthless mom. Right? Now. And I also had eight friends commit suicide over a several year period. So I just had all this grief and grief recovery coaching and the psychotherapy, the subconscious mind coaches, all of that kind of stuff was not working for me. So when I read the surrender experiment coming back to full circle here, I was actually really pissed off because he was talking about Michael Singer, the author of the book that he also wrote, the Untethered Soul.

He was meditating for hours on end and became a multi multi millionaire. And of course, my soul was like, yeah, that’s who you used to. Be. Remember? Because I was really successful in my 20s and I never worked nights or weekends I was just a different person and believed in balance and he you know, they say that first the truth. It will set you free, but at first it’ll piss you off. So it pissed me off enough. But I put it out to the universe like I need help.

Everything I’m trying right now is not working and a spiritual mentor came into my life. And he was a channel he was actually a guest on my podcast, so it was really interesting. He was supposed to come on and talk about nutrition and the divine and said you’re supposed to be you’ve got to heal yourself and you go within, and it was like the surrender experiment. I mean, what’s the answer? Because I’ve been meditating for years and he said, No, no, go play with psilocybin and ayahuasca and since I had no other options, at least that I could find at that time. I dove headfirst into the deep end of the pool, and I did set with psilocybin silvassa and ayahuasca and combo frog medicine as well over 60 times in a two year period. not recommending that for people.

I definitely overdid it because I my personality and for a lot of reasons that I may or may not go into that I just was like, I just wanted to feel so bad that I sat that much to heal my grief, trauma addiction, get to the ancestral root causes of it, quieting this going into my body, going into past lives and all the different things that I did during that time. Recognizing, you know, alcoholism, doesn’t run in my family mental illness or doesn’t run in my family. What I learned and what I personally teach now is trauma, it’s the DNA, it’s the unresolved stuckness in our bodies. That is really what’s passed on to us and I didn’t know any better and so when you don’t know better, you can’t do better. And so once I started realizing, oh my gosh, I need to help people and that was what the guy was telling me. He’s like, you’re a healer

You’re a teacher. So having had 17 years and background and health and fitness, I already understood the body mind nutrition. gut health thing. I was just missing the spiritual component. And so then I studied it with plant medicine, women and a couple of shamans. And then of course, my husband came on the journey with me and he became a shaman. That’s a whole nother story we don’t have time for but he remembered who he truly was. I remembered that I’ve been a medicine woman. Oh, which whatever, in many lifetimes. So it’s just coming back to my true nature and purpose. And so I did a lot more study. Yeah, thanks. So that’s the short version of my story.

Now I’m out of binge drinking workaholic anymore. I lost 40 pounds. I changed. My podcast went from entrepreneurship to spirituality category. And now we’re, we’re serving combo and group ceremonies and individuals and working with couples and because it saved our marriage, too. We were both like, just walking wounded warriors trying to understand why we’re here because neither one of us really want it to live anymore at that point. 

I have a safety first do no harm mindset. I’m very vocal about safety inside of this space. So when I say plant medicine, yes, I am. I don’t like to call them psychedelics, because that’s people then they think, Oh, are we gonna get high and you know, do the 60s thing and I’m like, No, this is a sacred medicine that does help with expanded consciousness and it’s also very dangerous. And so if it’s not done in a sacred way, I’ve seen people go bipolar. I’ve seen people kill themselves. I’ve seen people just take like myself, I backslid for a year. 


I went from one extreme to another. I went oh, money, money, money. Do do do go go go to No, I’m spiritual. I can’t make money that’s you know, and I just I just I actually went into a lot of debt. You know, I have no, no shame anymore as I transmuted a lot of that but I went into a significant amount of debt to save my life. Now granted, I would rather take debt over death any day, but I also want to help you the listeners to save money. And time and oh, by the way, your sanity because when you’re healing physically and spiritually, and I like to share.

I believe we are mental, physical, spiritual and emotional beings. My specialty is the physical and the spiritual, because I’ve coached over 10,000 people in health, fitness, nutrition, gut health, and I personally don’t believe this is just this is me. I don’t, you don’t have to agree with me, but I personally believe the best way to heal the mind is through the physical and the spiritual and then the emotional is just going to work itself out. But think about this if you came in with ancestral trauma from both sides, seven generations back. Do you think you’re gonna get rid of that overnight?

We need to have more people and share more people that are doing this and sharing their experience because I do think that there are so many people that are suffering with anxiety and depression and a lot of people don’t understand why and even the addictive nature so I think talking to you and understanding that it comes from within, but it comes even before we were born from our ancestors, and I think we don’t talk a lot about that.

I think I understood that to a different level like alcoholism ran in my family and mental illness ran in my family autoimmune disease. I forgot about that. I manifested that in my body but it would have run in the family kind of a thing and actually I didn’t know that autoimmune disease ran in my family. When I got it, I was like, Huh, I wonder if anybody else and sure enough, there was a woman and every one of my dad’s siblings’ family that had this exact same one and I’m like, What is this all about? 

Big Pharma and a lot of different diseases are not ever cured or healed by scientific research because they’re not getting to the root cause of it, which is literally in your family root of its family tree.

I never want to offend anyone when I’m speaking so I don’t want people to mix my words but I’ve lost a lot of friends to cancer you know, suicide addiction and all of these things. And I now it seems like because we’re ascending into the fifth dimension or Age of Aquarius or whatever new Earth whatever you want to call it, or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard this. It just seems like a lot more people are getting sick. Cancer, a lot of suicide is on the rise and like I feel there’s ways to prevent it. And if you have the ability to go through the physical purging and feeling of the emotions in your body. Gosh, that’s like one of the best ways to prevent disease. And once you heal yourself, you heal the collective once you heal yourself, you heal your children if you have children or your lineage.

and that’s another reason to really look into healing because you just don’t know who you might be impacting when you’re healing yourself at the cellular level. And I’m not talking about taking supplements either because I was in that industry. I got out of that industry, actually because I was tired of the thought of Oh, to swallow a pill. Well, we’ll just drink a shake and all of a sudden I’m changed and I hate to say it but some of the healthiest people I know are coming up with cancer diagnoses right now and they’re doing a lot of spiritual things. Maybe a lot of supplements and things but they’re still getting the diagnosis because of that physical purging, and letting go.

Our healthcare industry back when our ancestors were in 2000 BC or whatever, even even before that and the early 100 So there was no pharmaceutical, the health care was not a sick care system. It was a new correction model. It was a food that is your medicine model for laughter. Alcohol and Tobacco were sacred. They were not demonized money pits for becoming addicted to you know, all of these things. weren’t happening. So if you really open your eyes, one of the biggest wounds I healed was the religion mode. And I thought it just happened to me in this lifetime. No, it went all the way back to as far back as I could go with that medicine regression work that my husband does.

food is medicine, but even our food these days, that’s why there are so many supplements because we’re not getting the nutrients from the food that we did back then and we’re not chewing our food. So that’s why when I talk about that, why we have protein. That’s why our airways are smaller. That’s why we’re having more mouth breathing and not able to breathe because we don’t chew as much. We used to chew  four hours a day, because we were hunter gatherers, and it was harder to do and now we have more processed foods, more softer foods, so that’s why we have more crooked teeth. So like you said, it just goes back and everything has changed. And it’s changing our physical body and they’re saying now that it’s going to take three generations of chewing your food to get back to where we were.

We talk about breaking ancestral cycles. Some people call it generational cycles, whatever be the change you want to see in the world ultimately. And so when you have a healing session, you can’t just go back and expect life to be as business as usual. You have to take some time to integrate, we call it integration and making whole and complete of that experience of whatever you felt and healed whatever you named, whether it was shame, guilt, fear, addiction, sadness, grief, anger, all of them are important. They are part of our humanity, so you can’t run from them. If you do then that’s where disease sets in or addictive behaviors, trauma, grief, all of that. So what we believe is you know, you can really only change one or two things after a healing ceremony.

 The medicines are here to help us remember who we truly are, the medicines are here to help us remember the proper actions for us like the biggest thing for me was self love and self compassion. I had too much self hatred and self loathing. So I didn’t change that overnight either. It probably took me two years of using that as an aligned action for myself love, spiritual practices that took me almost two years to develop because I didn’t have anyone like me to help me with that. That’s why now we help people with that, because you know, you can’t move the Titanic around like this. Right? It’s a big opportunity to slowly but carefully make those changes. And if you don’t see changes, you know, after 90 days or six months, then it just means you’re probably trying to do it by yourself.

To help you see lasting change and lasting results because I was addicted to healing. I went to acupuncture for over a decade every month and then I would just go back and drink alcohol and you know, doing these other things and I actually used them as band aids. I found out after a while because I was just seeing that. Oh, I’m a good girl. I’m doing all this healing stuff. But then I wasn’t making any lifestyle changes. I wasn’t taking action and being empowered and integrity with myself. And so that’s what we want to encourage people when you’re sitting with Cambo or psilocybin or whatever. 

It’s not a quick fix, but if you if you take small sustainable changes everyday like the book The compound effect, or The Slight Edge talk about, then you you could change your DNA, your ancestral you know stuff is moving and in dissolving and your ego and all of that is getting out of the way. And so that’s just a big, big important piece to remember.

Where do readers find you? You can consume content in my YouTube channel, or I do have a website where I have tons of free education. I have free recordings galore of past interviews. My website, which again I’ll give that link to you, as well as my booking link and other tools and free classes. I do a lot of free classes now on both combo and micro dosing.

I like to do a free consultation first to meet people where they’re at and help them walk before they run. And ideally, you know, if they’re wanting to work and get lasting change, you know, it’s usually a three to six to nine month commitment. I just want to plant that seed. Now. Just making sure that people are really serious so that consultation it’s very thorough medical and mental health again, safety first do no harm. There are going to be people where this path is not approved. There are lots of contraindications with both plant medicine Kambo actually have more contraindications.

It is important to have a trusting committed relationship with your teacher. And I do consider myself a healer and a spiritual teacher. So you all gotta be ready to open yourself up to that conversation. Which is not that everybody’s really ready for yet so you can follow me on my YouTube channel my podcast healthy and wealthy and wise.


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