Today I interviewed Darlene Sochin

Nineteen years ago, Darlene and her husband and picked up and moved from Boston to Portland, Oregon. On the day we arrived, they received a phone call that confirmed she had cancer. Once the shock dissipated, she was guided by her first angelic encounter to Reiki energy healing. During her first Reiki session she realized that her life purpose was to help others heal. Today, she is proudly a Reiki Master and Intuitive Mentor for healers and empaths seeking deeper connection to their soul and educate others with low self-esteem who doubt their beautiful gifts. she loves to facilitate those who desire to find their truth, their path, their happiness  by co-creating an individualized program for their journey.

As energy sensitive people, there aren’t too many places we can go that feel safe, compassionate, and accepting of our differences. It can be exhausting trying to explain ourselves continuously.

It’s frustrating when we’re misunderstood, ridiculed and overlooked by a culture that is fixated on putting people in boxes and limiting thinking.

“Energy work for body, mind, and soul.
Momentum for your life and business.”


After 14 years of being a Reiki Practitioner and teacher, one of my greatest joys is to share how and where to start your journey as a professional Reiki business owner.

There is NOT one way that will work for every person setting out to begin a new business. Certainly not something as personally and intuitively guided as a healing service. For example, there are multiple business options to choose such as your plan to provide your work in-person or distance. Just as important, what is your preference for showing up in the world to let clients know you have arrived (and is there a layer that requires looking into that involves visibility healing?). We engage in practical and intuitive coaching sessions for you to gain more knowledge of all of the different aspects you can create. The ins and outs of basic business building essentials will be established. We will look at the bigger picture, your vision and desires, and break them down into steps and stages. This work is your foundation, the ground floor from which to erect the healing business and contribution in which you invite the world.

Together we will create how quickly or slowly (how many weeks) you would like to  to begin.

When you’re ready to break free of repeating those patterns you can’t seem to shake. When life is insisting you make changes NOW! The time for MOMENTUM is here! Learn more below.

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