As a dental hygienist, I understand the connection between your gum health and your heart health. In fact, having just been through cancer and I realized just how much your mouth health is related to your total body health. I’m now focused on sharing information and products, I believe works, because what you choose to put in and on your body is so important, especially when it comes to strengthening your immune system. Did you know I believe everything starts with mouth health?

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 I had the pleasure of interviewing Wendy Bjork. She is known as the MS warrior Queen. She’s empowering ladies with MS to bring out their Inner MS Warrior Queen™! 

She has been dealing with the monster, called Multiple Sclerosis since she was 15 It’s been so long. It started when she was 12 or 13 with migraine headaches, and then the symptoms escalated from there. So just knowing you have someone in your corner, somebody to walk by your side. It’s just so comforting. When she was looking for someone to help her figure out how to feel better she couldn’t find anybody that just knew where she was coming from and didn’t want to just fix her. She wanted to have someone who wanted to do things differently. Just figure out how to make things simpler, it takes some diligence, and you have to be committed. For example, knowing all the chemicals that are in your house, there have been 8000 synthetic chemicals created in our country since the 40s. That’s a huge number. And we don’t know what those do to us. We don’t know what happens when they’re mixed with other products we use, but it’s stuff you throw in your cart at the store because it’s what our Moms used. We don’t think anything about it. That’s just one tiny piece of it. This is a huge puzzle we are living in and with because we can’t see what’s actually going on inside our body until we start having symptoms, such as MS. 

That’s why she created her four cornerstones program to help walk with you on your journey to help you manage MS, because we have to have a love for ourselves, worrying about what’s in our future or what might be happening, doesn’t help anybody. 

Her four cornerstones program focuses on making small changes starting with creating a positive mindset even when things get hard. Then Body what food, drinks, and products you should avoid putting in your body.

She teaches what are the hidden toxins in our environment we interact with on a daily basis and know how to replace those with healthier plant-based solutions. 

She is here in your corner and wants to help you. After 30 years or more of dealing with MS, It’s her mission to help you live better! We’re all in this together.

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