The American Dream is shifting for millions of people. Jobs are collapsing; wages are stagnant, even with all of our advances in technology, chronic illnesses haven’t decreased and costs are rising for everything.

Most people associate more money with more happiness, due to the freedom they believe it will bring. However, that is not the case.  It does make things easier. As many people know, money does not bring happiness.

In fact, most of the things you own, and pay for monthly, including your car or that 30-year mortgage on your home, are more of a liability to your growth and happiness than assets to you.

Most people view the things they own as assets. They look into their closet or their living room and see valuable products that boost their self-worth. The flaw with this way of thinking is that these things rarely give us the kind of satisfaction we think they will. In fact, the things you own could very well be the liability holding you back from living a life on your own terms. Sometimes just having the basics will make us happier instead of working harder to have more.

Not many people put themselves first or realize how important their health is until they have a health issue.

The one thing you are truly the owner of and is worth the investment is YOU! 

Your Body, Your Health is Wealth! 

Your body is the one thing you own your entire life? 

You only get one! 

 So why do many of us not treat it like the investment is?

You will not be able to create personal wealth or freedom if you are not healthy.  

What will it take to understand just how much more control you can have over your financial and personal freedom if you have your health. 

Think about it. We work to have a home, car, health insurance, pay for utilities, food, kids and pay taxes. Our health and our body are not on the top of the list to take care of. Until we have no choice.

If you don’t make time for your wellness you will be forced to make time for your illness.

No one says sign me up for a chronic illness! Ever!!!

Yet not putting your health and your wellness first is like rolling the dice. You have a 50/ 50 change. How do you like the odds?

You are the OWNER

Here are some simple strategies that you can implement today to make your health a priority if you so choose:




Enough sleep

Respecting the one body you get!

These are the things your body needs to survive. You get to make the choice to give your body what it needs and prevent illnesses or wait until it gives you signs and symptoms and then you spend time and money trying to figure out what you need to do to feel better, have more energy and get more sleep. 

I chose to ignore the signs and symptoms until my body went on strike giving me no choice but to figure out what was causing the symptoms. By then I had several bad habits that were hard to break. I had to change the way I looked at my body, my life, and my future. I changed the water I drink, my diet and food choices, and my routine and sleep. It was not fun or easy. 

So I am talking about my experience so you don’t wait for the wake up call as my friend Melissa would say.

When you get the wake up call it is going to cost you money, time and much more! 

I lost memories that I should have been creating with my family and friends instead of laying in a bed having them care for me because I could not take care of myself. Talk about feeling helpless!

I should have been helping others instead of others helping me! I am lucky to have an amazing family and group of friends who were willing to bath me, change my drains and bandages and feed me. 

It was a very humbling experience. One I do not wish to repeat. So I had to change my habits, ask better questions, find people who have gone through this before me learn what to do and what not to do so I can be there to see my future grandchildren.

I want to live. When you are facing a critical illness you realize it truly is a wonderful life. You ask yourself what is important, what do I need to do to make it all I want it to be. 

Start where you are now! If you found out you had cancer what would you do? 

My friend Kelly says if you are not testing you are guessing.

It is all about teamwork… A healthy mouth = A healthy body 

Every disease has its unique course it takes in the body when left untreated the process begins with exposure to a root cause that sends a ripple effect throughout the body, resulting in one of three possible outcomes: you get better, you stay chronically ill or you die. 

We either chose to see it or not.

I believe we should start with our nose and mouth when we talk about being healthy.

Can you breathe? How do you Breathe?

What will you choose? 

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