Have a current Dental Hygiene license? You can become a temp at a dental office! Full or part time. I have been temping full time for a year. Adding a day a week to your work schedule and make an extra $800.00-1200.00 to your monthly income.

Who couldn’t use more money these days? Dental Hygiene is a great career with so many options.

In the beginning it is not always the best hours and sometimes there is short notice you may get get a call the morning / day they need you. I took everything that came my way. After the first month I started booking up three months in advance. So I now know what my schedule is going to be ahead of time. currently I temp at six offices that keep me busy. I have so many calls now I am turning jobs down and I feel awful.

There is a need for hygienists to fill in at offices everywhere.
It may even lead to permanent positions. I have had several offers. It gets hard to turn them down. I am at a point in my life where I need for my schedule to be flexible. Temping offer that.

If you make yourself valuable you too can fill your schedule. I have a hard time saying no if I am available. For the past few months I have been working more day that I really wanted to. My original plan was to work 16- 20 days a month. In December I worked 25 days. I had no time to left Christmas shop I did all my shopping on line. The good news I had no problem paying for those gifts.

If you like set hours knowing your schedule and where you are going everyday, this is probably not for you.
You need to be flexible and knowledgeable on different software’s and procedures. I will be posting more information and training to help anyone who would like to start temping and does not know where to begin. I also have a Facebook page for hygienists dentalhygiene411.