One out of two people have gingivitis.

Almost everyone has had gingivitis at some point in their life. You can have it on just one tooth or in just one area of the mouth. You may not even know you have it or have had it. I see people everyday that do not know they have it.

Gingivitis can happen if you:

Do not brush daily

Only brush once a day

Brush to fast

Miss a tooth or several teeth when bushing

Do not brush the gums

If you are stressed

If you have a poor Diet

If you breath through your mouth

If you take several medication that dry your mouth

If you have a systemic condition that is undiagnosed of uncontrolled

If you are experiencing hormonal changes

You have a popcorn kernel stuck under the gum

You have food stuck between your teeth, your not flossing

These are only some of the reasons you may have Gingivitis.

You can see there are many reasons your gums may be inflamed or swollen. What ever the reason, if you catch it early enough, you can change it…… by simply just taking the time to brush all the areas of your mouth.

Slowing down and massaging the gums with your toothbrush, removing the plaque and biofilm. Establishing a methodical toothbrushing routing will almost guarantee a healthy mouth and healthy gums.

For most people all you will need to do is brush your gums two times a day, an eclectic toothbrush is best.  Which toothbrush you use is really a personal preference. The tool you choose to use is not as important as how you use it. Some people do just fine with a manual brush. However many do not.

After you brush your teeth, if you take your finger nail or toothpick and run it along your gums and see plaque, you did not remove it all, you need to brush again you use floss or a Waterpik.

You can also use chewable tablets or a smart rinse like Listerine that stains the plaque to show you where you missed. Then brush again to get off the stained plaque.

What you do everyday at home morning and night to take care of your teeth and gums is what is going to dictate if you have Gingivitis or cavities and how healthy your mouth will be for your life.

I have people everyday tell me Dentistry is expensive. My question is compared to What?

Most things in life are expensive these days. It is a matter of what you place value on.

Prevention is not expensive, Fixing problems once they have gone past a certain point is in any situation is expensive. Maintenance on  your car or home is much easier to handle and pay for before a problem gets to big.

Fixing a leak in your cheaper  than doing nothing and waiting until there is a whole in your roof the problem is much bigger and more expensive to  fix it.

Your mouth and teeth are the same. If you takes steps to prevent and maintain them you most likely will not have problems in the future, that seem to big and expensive to fix.

It has been proven the health of your mouth not only effects your teeth, it also has a direct impact on the health of your body.

You need to make a decision as to what is important to you????

Where you are going to spend you time and money??

What comes first??

Health, Family, Job, Status, Material things?

Only you can answer that question Only you can reverse or prevent Gingivitis!

Reversing Gingivitis is simple, even if you don’t know if you have it. How you brush can prevent it.

Your teeth do not have to be perfect…….A healthy Mouth is possible

The choice is yours