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Why Your Mouth Matters

Why your mouth matters You would not leave an open wound anywhere on your body untreated. Yet we do in our mouth. Your mouth is the main opening into your entire body. We put things in it all day long. Morning till night. We use our mouth to speak, breathe, and kiss....

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  Why are people avoiding dental visits? There are many reasons that the patient I see on a daily basis share for avoiding a visit to the dentist. ┬áThe most common reasons I hear are: fear, bad memories, cost, lack of insurance, time, nothing is bothering them...

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Why Do I Talk So Much About Toothbrushing?

That is a really good question! Why I was younger I was bulled because I had yellow gray teeth. Kids on the bus made fun of me and asked if I knew what a toothbrush was.  Talk about effecting your self esteem! This is why I became a dental hygienist in the first...

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