If your body has the ability to heal itself why do we seem to be getting sicker?

Let’s dive more into that today, we are going to talk about:

  1. Why your body may not be healing itself
  2. Health care vs sick care
  3. What you can do to help your body repair the damage.

2022 is the year we start taking ownership of our health. Invest in YOU

You only get one body. You own the body you are in!  

It is obvious Covid, masks and protocols are not going away. The lesson I learned from 2021 is what we call healthcare is more about sick care. Our Healthcare system treats our symptoms after we become ill. Most of us ignore the signs until it is too late. 

Sometimes we don’t give our body enough time to heal on its own or the actual cause of the problem is still there, interfering with the healing process. 

Have you ever heard of a pill for every illness?

Most patients who develop health challenges search for a pill or a potion to relieve their discomfort instead of finding the cause of the problem and removing that cause. 

By removing the actual cause, it allows our body an opportunity to heal naturally.

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Today’s guest is Shawn Mcannally he is the director of Wellness for Aroga I am so excited to have him with us. 

Our bodies are designed to be healthy and stay that way. We are spreading the message to help people get what they need to keep their bodies healthy and well.

Aroga promotes the research- and science-based approach to proactively keeping our bodies healthy.  We believe great nutrition is great healthcare.  

Health Care vs Sick Care 

1 out of 4 people will develop Cancer this year! 

The average annual “sick Care expense in the US is $10,000 dollars!

One million cells in our body die every second. Don’t panic just yet, our body consists of 37 trillion cells and replaces 33 billion of them on a daily basis which makes 3.8 million new cells every second, most of the blood cells followed by the cells in your gut.  

If you are wondering what happens to those cells they are broken down and recycled by the body or pooped out.

It is our cells that keep us alive, cellular regeneration is key to staying healthy. Your body will either duplicate healthy cells or cancer cells depending on what you feed it.

Cancer thrives on sugar. What do you feed your cells?

The nutrition we give our body fuels it. Why not give it plant-based supplements if you are not getting the nutrition you need. 

Did you know what you put in your body can either heal you or cause inflammation? Comment below?

The Aroga family is filled with people who believe in making a difference and the power of plant-based nutrition and cutting-edge science.  Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Bill McAnalley is known worldwide for his breakthrough discovery in isolating the active ingredient in aloe vera,  resulting in the creation of glyconutrition—an entirely new category of cellular wellness. Today, his innovation and expertise in plant-based nutrition continue to fuel the products and solutions Aroga continuously brings to the market.

We hope you get to know us not only for our leading-edge wellness product but as a company of purpose and passion as well.


At Aroga, we believe that our bodies were designed to be healthy and to stay that way—so we created Aroga to help spread that message and help people get what they need to keep their bodies healthy and well.