Just recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Dan Fouts.

You know, I believe health starts in the mouth. Dr. Dan shares his knowledge about cellular regeneration and the products Aroga life has to facilitate it.

Periodontal disease is a common infectious disease found worldwide, causing the destruction of the periodontium. The periodontium is a complex structure composed of both soft and hard tissues. Aloe is an agent when applied to regenerate the periodontium, must be able to stimulate periodontal ligament, cementum, and alveolar bone regeneration.

At Aroga, we believe that our bodies were designed to be healthy and to stay that way—so we created Aroga to help spread that message and help people get what they need to keep their bodies healthy and well.

Aroga Pathways Core is the world’s only 100% plant-based nutritional supplement that optimizes cellular wellness by providing a solid foundation of apoptosis support throughout the entire body.

Aroga’s Aloe supports cell-to-cell communication, which occurs outside of the cell, giving you enhanced cellular health when taken together with Aroga’s Pathways core and Pathways Plus products.

Our immune system is responsible for protecting our bodies. It is made up of nonspecific elements like skin that defends against everything outside of your body and B and T cells that defend against everything inside of your body. The major organs of the immune system are the thymus, bone marrow, spleen, tonsils, and lymphatic tissues.

Our bones are responsible for providing an internal framework for our bodies, and along with our joints, allow us to stand and move comfortably. The endocrine (hormonal) system ties in closely with the bones and joints in many ways, primarily with respect to bone density, but does much more as well.

The Brain and Nerves are responsible for controlling all of our body’s movements and responses by transmitting signals to and from different parts of the body. The brain is the control center for these signals, and the nerves transmit these signals throughout the body. These signals travel very fast, and the responses are usually very short-lived.

Our skin has many functions necessary for maintaining life.  The skin protects us from adverse effects of mechanical impacts and pressure, micro-organisms, chemicals, radiation, variations in temperature, and excessive water loss.  Other important functions include the synthesis of vitamin D and protective sensations such as hot, cold, pain, etc.

One of the biggest lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic Is the importance of health and diversified income streams.

The “Aroga life” is a commitment to living a healthy and prosperous life.  The Aroga family is filled with people who believe in making a difference and the power of plant-based nutrition and cutting-edge science.  Co-founder and Chief Science Officer Dr. Bill McAnalley are known worldwide for his breakthrough discovery in isolating the active ingredient in aloe vera,  resulting in the creation of glyconutrition—an entirely new category of cellular wellness.

Focusing on the whole person and making use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches is extremely important. Healthcare should be practiced as a “Team Sport”. It should be all about what is most beneficial for the patient.


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