Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

It might be hard to believe, and even though Black Friday is still quite a few weeks away, it’s never too early to start preparing for the main event.  Retailers across the online shopping world are already offering early Black Friday deals.

The holiday shopping bonanza known as Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. It’s always the day after Thanksgiving. While it’s not an official holiday, many people have the day off …except for those who work in retail.

There are decidedly two camps of shoppers when it comes to the biggest shopping week of the year: the ones who’ve been eagerly curating wishlists for months, and those who get a shiver of anxiety down their spine whenever the words “BLACK FRIDAY” are uttered. 

Black Friday always lands on the Friday after thanksgiving. Black Friday 2023 will be Friday, November 24 this year. That being said, Black Friday deals will likely start much earlier. You can expect discounts to start arriving in late October. You may have already spotted some and gotten the action. 

In the old days, accountants entered negative balances (losses) into ledgers using a red pen. Any positive balances (gains) were written in black. Once all the receipts were tallied, and the business started seeing revenue for the year, they’re said to be “in the black.”

Black Friday is clearly an important day for most brick-and-mortar businesses. A big retail push before the end of the year is the boom retailers need.

Because the holidays are a time when people spend more money than at any other time of the year, a so-so year profit-wise could easily be turned around on Black Friday. 

Consumers are lured into stores with coupons, steep discounts (real or imagined), and time and quantity limits on must-have products—all to encourage people to shop ’til they drop.

Some stores even open their doors at midnight on Thanksgiving night. But as we know, these marketing tactics come at a price: Black Friday has become more synonymous with flaring tempers and fistfights than holiday cheer.

The best deals will still happen closer to Black Friday and you can start expecting big savings on Thursday, November 23 during Thanksgiving.

Cyber Monday 

Black Friday isn’t the only retail holiday in November. Shortly after Black Friday, the deals will begin to morph into Cyber Monday sales. 

Cyber Monday will officially land on Monday, November 27 this year. That being said, Cyber Monday deals usually start arriving as early as the following Saturday and Sunday after Black Friday. 

You can also expect the savings to last through the entire week in a phenomenon that has loosely been labeled as ‘Cyber Week’ by various online retailers. 

Having an idea of what you are looking for this year will help you get the best deals. 

Black Friday shopping season is the best time of the year to find discounts on just about everything. Whether you’re looking for big-budget items like TVs or gaming consoles or just want to pick up some smaller holiday gifts at lower prices, now is the time to make those purchases.

I no longer shop on black friday in a store. Our tradition is to cut down the tree and decorate for Christmas on Friday. If you see me in a store it is to get more lights or decorations. I will shop online. I am not a fan of getting in the trenches and fighting for this must have of the year. One year I had people actually taking things out of my cart. I was so mad I said to the woman how rude apparently you need it more than I do. That was the last time I shopped in a store on Black Friday for gifts. 

The long and short of it is that pretty much every product and brand under the sun will have some sort of promotion or discount going on during the Black Friday season. That being said, the best discounts will likely be on big-ticket items that don’t normally get big price cuts. 

Although most brick-and-mortar stores will have some sort of Black Friday sale, the majority of the best Black Friday deals will be online in 2023. 

Tips for Black Friday Shopping Online

It may seem silly to start planning your Black Friday shopping right now, but doing so can help you save a lot of money when it comes time to actually start making purchases. 

Here are a few tips that you should consider ahead of the event:

  1. Set a Budget – Keeping track of how much money you can actually spend is important to avoid overspending. When everything is on sale, it can be easy to buy more than you really should just because things are at their lowest price of the year.
  2. Create a Shopping List – Knowing exactly who you are buying for and what you’re trying to find discounts on is a great way to avoid making unnecessary purchases. It can also make it easier for you to compare prices between retailers or set price drop alerts ahead of time.
  3. Compare Prices – Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart make it really easy to do all of your shopping there. That being said, those retailers don’t always have the best price on the items you’re looking for. Make sure to compare prices across the web before you buy something for more than you have to.
  4. Research Before You Buy – If you’re making an expensive purchase, make sure you do at least some research before you purchase that item. This means looking for independent reviews or testimony from trusted sources about those products. When buying electronics I always ask my brother in law he loves to search for deals.
  5. Be Wary of Search Results – Search platforms, such as Google, have a tendency to be flooded with sponsored links in the results. Be careful to avoid clicking on a sponsored ad if you’re looking for reviews or searching for specific products by price. Don’t click on the first one that pops up.
  1. Before you make your online purchases

Ensure there’s a secure connection in your browser’s URL field, especially if you’re on public and/or free Wi-Fi. (In Chrome, there’s a locked icon for example to the left of the URL ????).

  • As always, be cautious of new phishing and spam emails landing in your inbox. Don’t trust any email that looks off to you whatsoever, and avoid clicking any links in emails that appear even somewhat spammy. It’s getting harder to recognize what’s real from what’s a scam, so be careful, especially during popular deals seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Another piece of advice when online shopping is to ensure your auto-populated passwords and your security settings are up-to-date in whatever browser you use. 


I am a Burst ambassador and they just launched two new toothbrushes

To further their mission of bringing better oral hygiene to all, BURST Oral Care is proud to introduce the Pro Sonic Toothbrush and Curve Sonic Toothbrush to market. 

Featuring innovative designs and new technology, both brushes were created in partnership with BURST’s Ambassador network of over 35,000+ dental professionals to ensure high-quality performance at accessible price points for consumers.

The Original Sonic Toothbrush was introduced in 2017, backed by stellar clinical results, an innovative design, and the enthusiastic support of our dental Ambassador network. It remains a sought-after brush on the market today,” states BURST Co-Founder and President Brittany Stewart. 

Six years of feedback from our Ambassadors has led us to evolve and enhance to create the Pro, bringing forth the next generation of BURST with a modernized design and upgraded intelligent features that prioritize our hygienists’ and dentists’ needs.”

Enhanced with reinvigorated cutting-edge features, the BURST Pro Sonic Toothbrush is a clinically-proven brush that offers an elevated user experience. Created as the peak of dental technology to provide the ultimate cleaning and whitening experience, the Pro boasts a new high-end color LED screen, smart responsive software to provide optimal care, and a category defining (up to) 9-month rechargeable battery life. 

Add to that a sensor that provides feedback for every brushing session via a score graded on how many seconds users remained in the proper pressure zone to help them brush better. There’s also an impressive range of 5 custom brushing modes including Whitening, Clean, Sensitivity, Freshen, and Massage.

The Pro still embraces the iconic hygienist-approved bristles that are soft and tapered to clean without damage and reach plaque below the gumline. These standout bristles help the brush maintain its impressive clinical claims, including removing up to 10x more plaque* than a manual brush.

The battery life is up to nine months! That is miles ahead of the competition.

Will the Original brush heads fit the Pro?

Yes! Rest assured that the existing heads will fit onto the new Pro Sonic Toothbrush. We do recommend replacing your head every 12 weeks, or more if you’re sick, so if you have been stockpiling I would recommend jumping onto the dentist-recommended schedule. 

BURST is also introducing their new Curve Sonic Toothbrush. With their dental professional Ambassadors, they designed a uniquely curved powerhouse to target neglected back molars with dental precision while fitting seamlessly into your bag — thereby ensuring fresh breath and optimal oral health for anyone on the go. 

The Curve is fully equipped with super soft tapered bristles, cleansing sonic vibrations from a powerful motor, whitening and sensitive modes and a two-minute timer. It serves as the ideal on-the-go brush with its up to 75-day battery life, compact design, and sanitary travel top. 

The Curve fits into your life, not the other way around.

“Amid the pandemic, people recognized the value of dependable at-home oral care and the impact of oral health,” notes BURST Co-Founder and CEO Hamish Khayat. 

“The Curve emerged as our response, directly resulting from collaboration with our dental professionals. It effortlessly merges professional-grade cleaning tech with stylish design to offer a consistent oral health companion at an affordable price. It’s perfect for newcomers and those seeking a minimalistic, on-the-go option.”

Curve has two modes 

Whitening: For intense brilliance and a next-level clean, unleash the power of this setting. Engineered to crush bacteria, return natural luster, and enhance hygiene by delivering transformative strength to your oral health ritual. Ideal for those seeking a radiant mouth, this mode guarantees a purifying clean with extraordinary efficacy. 

Sensitive: Soothing care. Enjoy a gentle, comforting mode that caresses gums and teeth — perfect for sensitivity or tenderness. Start the day softly and end it with a peaceful clean before you snuggle up in bed. Excellent for those new to the electric brushing world.

To lock your Curve so it won’t go off in transit, click the power button four times in quick succession. It will flash purple/white 2x when it is in locked mode. Click the power button another four times to unlock.

Up to 75 days with a rechargeable battery! No need to remember to buy AA or AAA batteries. Just plug the brush into your standard USB-C cable, and voila!

Will the Pro brush head fit the Curve Sonic Toothbrush?

The Pro head does not fit the Curve brush, and vice versa. Our dental professional partners helped us craft each to fit its respective toothbrush model to offer optimal performance and effectiveness. 

Why are BURST bristles better?

Why are soft bristles better?

Dental professionals recommend soft bristles because they gently and effectively clean teeth and gums, whereas hard bristles can lead to gum recession and increased tooth sensitivity. Soft bristles are less likely to damage oral tissue while removing plaque and debris just as well.

Why do tapered bristles help get below the gumline?

Tapered bristles have a point at the top to effectively penetrate below the gumline and between teeth. Almost like tiny, flexible toothpicks! The tapered design allows for a blend of stability and precision; the broader base of the bristle provides a sturdy foundation, while the slimmer tip removes plaque and debris from the tight spaces and crevices they love to hide in.

How do multi-length bristles help reach below the gumline while also polishing the enamel?

Multi-length bristles add versatility to your clean! The longer ones gently polish tooth surfaces, while the short, more rigid ones scrub away dirt and grime from hard-to-reach areas. Those tapered short and long bristles also go below the gumline

Find the Pro (starting at $79.99) at, Amazon, and exclusively in-store at Walmart and the Curve (starting at $29.99) at, Amazon, and in-store both Walmart & CVS.

If you use a burst ambassador code you can save up to 40%. They have not dropped the Black Friday deals when I am recording this but they are sure to be amazing. 

More information at

They have water flossers, traditional floss, kids toothbrushes, floss picks, Probiotics and three different membership plans to make it even more cost effective. An essential plan at 16.99 that gives you the toothbrush and floss, the plus plan at 20.99 which adds toothpaste and the ultimate plan that  adds the water flosser for 29.99 a month. You receive the refill for the floss and replacement brush heads every month.

 What is the value of each refill?

Brush heads: $8    Floss bobbins: $6.99    Water flosser tips: $7    Toothpaste: $9.99-$10.99
Yes, your math is correct. Membership plans are a smokin’ deal!

Buy now and pay monthly for a year.

Early cancellation results in a one time fee of the unpaid balance.

They have a 90 day money back guarantee if for whatever reason you do not like it simply return it for you money back.

About BURST® Oral Care
BURST is a healthcare company on a mission to bring better oral hygiene to all with ultra-high quality, effective, enjoyable-to-use products. Since launching in 2017, BURST’s main differentiator has been its partnership with and stewardship of the first and largest community of 35k+ Ambassador oral healthcare providers.

In a novel coalition no other company successfully replicates, these dental professionals help BURST build the products they want to see for their patients. Together, they take a holistic approach to tackling systemic oral health issues as well as aesthetic ones by co-creating an innovative, accessible product suite and making it available through retailers, dental offices, D2C, and more.

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