Every day we have to look at each others mouths as we talk about our relationships, how our awful job is, our dog our kids and maybe our relationships some more. So, it’s fantastic that you too want to make sure this experience is as pleasant as possible, by taking care of your oral health.  At BURST, you’ll always have access to the best oral care that the market has to offer.

Bad breath

No one wants to be a Halitosis Harry or Bottom Breath Betty. When it’s easily curable, it’s a sin that so many people trot around town huffing and puffing that bad breath smell from their mouths. We’d go so far as to say it’s a modern day crisis. In BURSTs quest to find a cure They went the extra mile, perfecting our binchotan bristles. They have an amazing effect on getting to the root cause of bad breath. The super-absorbent charcoal extracts those smelly harmful bacteria and toxins that cause that pungent odor that we all detest. Perfect!

Finally, it’s not just your long-term dental health and overall health that we care so strongly for, but also the short. We guarantee that after a two-minute session with our special bristles, you’ll feel the difference. The smooth multi-layered texture – not too hard, not too soft – will have you rolling your tongue over those sparkly teeth all day and all night.

The two-minute timer
We love dentists and think they’re the world’s biggest heroes. Now, they’ve told us that everyone should brush their teeth for at least two minutes, so (you guessed it) we installed a two-minute timer which switches your brush off when you are finished.

The Quadpacer
Because we love your mouth so much, every BURST brush is installed with a Quadpacer interval timer. Quadpacer – sounds nerdy, right? Well, it is. This fancy bit of kit is here to make cleaning your teeth even easier. Every 30 seconds our brush will double vibrate (naughty, huh?) to let you know to move to the next quadrant of your teeth. This way you won’t miss even one of your pearly whites. Bye, bye cavities and hello gorgeous. USB charging system As we now live in a modern world where even vegans have the right to vote, we thought we’d best keep up with the times. No more two-pin plug nonsense, we’ve included a stylish USB charger to keep you topped up at home, on the move or even at your desk. Plug your little baby in for an hour and you’ll get a whole four weeks’ charge, and that’s brushing twice a day. The grubby ones amongst you who only brush once will obviously get eight weeks and, of course, gum disease.

Charcoal bristles
We’ve received a lot of attention surrounding our black bristles. ‘That’s not what a normal head looks like’, people say. Well no…but if BURST had a middle name it certainly wouldn’t be ‘conventional’. We like to challenge the status quo and not just settle for what others have done. What’s unique about our charcoal is the incredible surface area to mass ratio. Just 1 gram of binchotan charcoal has up to 600 square meters of surface area. A little dorky, but in short this means that it has the astonishing ability to attract and hold a huge range of nasties that lurk in the playground that is your mouth. By putting it on your bristles, the charcoal is able to collect and absorb potentially harmful substances that live in between your teeth and gums – bacteria, plaque, germs and other vagrant toxins that are not polite to name. It ensures the highest level of protection from tooth decay and other common dental-related evils. Brighter whiter teeth Here’s a bit of a brain-twister for you – black bristles actually make your teeth more white (don’t worry, it took us a while to get our heads round this concept as well). In a world of sublime selfies and perfect pouts, we appreciate the importance of a perfect white smile. Like all of our products, we want to make your wish come true. That was why we introduced binchotan charcoal on our bristles. Its super absorbent powers have been proven to absorb impurities that lurk on the surface of your teeth and cause those nasty yellow stains that we’re all a little embarrassed about.

Your teeth will never have felt so clean. As we like to say in the industry, once you go black, you’ll never go back.Brush modes explained To shuffle between modes, press the power button in fast succession. To turn the brush off, leave a mode running for three seconds and then press the power button again.

4 – Whitening
3 – Sensitive
2 – Massage
1 – Charge

Sensitive – if you’re feeling a little delicate today, switch to the sensitive setting for a thorough yet gentle

Massage – if you’ve ever been to Thailand you’ll know of the numerous benefits of a relaxing massage. Give your teeth the same treatment, they’ll love you for it, and you’ll be smiling all day. Charge – our clever little toothbrush will start to flash red when you are within a week of needing a recharge. We don’t want you getting caught short on your weekend getaway to Cabo. That’s when it’s time to nestle it snugly into its base and, voila, the little puppy will be fully rested in no more than an hour. Watch for the red light to turn off when it’s back to full power.

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