How To Use LUMIBRITE Professional Chairside Whitening


What is Lumbrite?


Lumbrite Professional Chairside Whitening system is designed to comfortably and quickly whiten patients’ teeth.


 Why use it?

The combination of LUMIBRITE Desensitizing Enhancer and LUMIBRITE Whitening Gel reduces chair time required for effective whitening compared to traditional chairside bleaching treatments, and contains fluoride as an added benefit.


* This kit contains enough material to whiten both the upper and lower arches of one patient.




1.Remove the LUMIBRITE Whitening Gel syringe from the refrigerator and allow it to come to room temperature for about 30 minutes before it is used.


2. Prophy teeth to remove calculus and extrinsic stains before beginning the whitening treatment.


3. Take “before” photographs and record tooth color using a shade guide in bleaching kit or dental shade guide.


4. Insert cheek retractors. Have the patient bite down and rest tongue on a tongue block.


5. Isolate teeth with 2×2, apply Lip Moisturizer provided in the kit to the lips and mucosa, applying well beyond the vermillion border.


6. Air-dry the gingival tissue and teeth.


7. Using the dispensing tip, apply Paint-On Dental Dam(a denmat product) to the gingiva to isolate gums around the selected teeth.


    Overlap the dental dam onto the gingival tissue of adjacent teeth about 0.5 mm and light-cure for 1–2 seconds with a curing light or a Sapphire Supreme Plasma Arc Curing (PAC) light.


8. Once the Paint-On Dental Dam is cured, apply LUMIBRITE Desensitizing Enhancer in a very thin (about 0.2 mm) layer on the labial surface of the teeth. Distribute the gel evenly using the brush applicator provided in the kit and allow to sit for one minute.


9. Wipe off any excess.


10. Remove the tip from the LUMIBRITE Whitening Gel syringe and apply a 1–1.5 mm layer directly onto the labial surface of the teeth. Use the brush applicator to distribute the gel evenly over the teeth treated paint-on-dam.


11. Install the Sapphire Whitening Crystal in place of the curing tip on the end of the Sapphire® Supreme Plasma Arc Curing (PAC) Light PAC Light.


12. Position the Sapphire Whitening Crystal close to and directly in front of the teeth, using a combination of the articulating arm and chair adjustments.


13. Center the Sapphire Whitening Crystal 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the teeth within the cheek retractor with the outer edges touching (if possible).


14. Press the Optional button on the Sapphire Supreme PAC Light keypad, then press 2 to select bleaching mode.


      The letters bL (bleach) will appear in the Program window, the number 60 will appear in the seconds window and 60 minutes will appear          on the pistol handle.


15. Press the Start or pistol activator button to start the bleaching process.


The number 60 (minutes) appears in the Program window on and seconds begin to count down in the window.


When the Sapphire Supreme PAC Light beeps, fifteen (15) minutes have elapsed. Check on the comfort of the patient, re-apply gel if necessary.


16. After the second beep, 30 minutes, move the Sapphire Whitening Crystal away from the teeth.


17. Leave the Paint-On Dental Dam in place and vacuum gel from the teeth.


18. Wipe with gauze and rinse the teeth while suctioning. Avoid splatter.


19. Remove Cheek retractors and bite block. Suction out the patients mouth.


20. Rinse patient mouth again.


21. Optional Apply Mi paste to remineralize and desensitize. Leave on for one minute and advise patient nothing by mouth for 30 minutes.


Some patients with heavy discoloration or areas of unseen hypo calcification may need another 30-minute session to achieve desired whitening results. Evaluate the results with the patient, if possible.


Note: In some cases you may have attained acceptable whitening in the first 30-minute session. If so, a second session is not indicated.


If another 30-minute session is desired, reapply both Desensitizing Enhancer and Whitening Gel following instructions beginning with Paint-On Dental Dam.


Note: Be sure to inspect the Paint-On Dental Dam for any cracking or lifting before re-applying the Desensitizing Enhancer and Whitening Gel. If the seal has broken from the tissue, it is recommended to remove and replace the Paint-On Dental Dam.


At the end of the second 30-minute session, vacuum gel from the teeth, wipe away with gauze and rinse the teeth while suctioning. Avoid splatter.


Use a shade guide arranged in bleaching order to compare the color of the whitened teeth to the original shade recorded in Step 2 and take “after” photographs.




Store the LUMIBRITE Whitening Gel syringes under refrigeration.


Bring to room temperature before use.


 Beaching Without the Sapphire Supreme Pac Light

Whitening will occur to a lesser extent, Use the same instructions without the use of the Sapphire Whitening Crystal, maintain gel on teeth as described. However, for maximum results the Sapphire Supreme PAC light with Whitening crystal is recommended.


Available in 16%,22%,32% in mint and fruit.


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