My name is Sheree Wertz I have been a dental hygienist for over thirty years. I am also an oral health coach helping Moms, Dads and caregivers prevent not only cavities but also helping to prevent diseases that are associated with poor oral hygiene. In the past thirty years, I have not seen cavities decrease, instead, I have seen kids getting more cavities than ever.

This is why I feel I need to do something because I know cavities are 100% preventable with good oral hygiene habits, diet and controlling the biofilm and pH of your mouth.

If my videos can help parents learn how to create tooth brushing and oral health habits with their kids to prevent even one cavity, I am doing my part to reduce the # of kids getting cavities. Which will, in turn, establish good oral health habits that can possibly reduce oral and systemic disease.

Cavities are the # 1 preventable disease among children in the United States. Together we can make a difference. The health of your mouth is being connected to the overall health of your body, now more than ever it is important to put emphasis on taking care of your mouth, teeth, and gums to live a healthier life.

If you knew a few minutes a day will not only save you time and money, it could save your life would you make a change?
Would you want to know more?

Everyone is different, there are many factors that play a role in dental disease, as a dental hygienist I would like to bring more awareness to the fact that dental disease is preventable and may even be a warning sign to something is happening in the body that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

I have had dental issues since I was little, I was given tetracycline when I was younger which caused staining on my front teeth, I was extremely self-conscious of my teeth and my smile.

When my uncle was sick I started to see the patterns of patients with gum disease as is pertains to general overall health. I have seen many patients over the years where no matter we did we could not get their gum measurements to decrease with the standard dental treatment protocol. Even sending them to a dental specialist. Once they were diagnosed and treated for a specific illness all of a sudden their gums measurements and bleeding decreased. This is when I started looking into the oral-systemic connection.

This is why I am an oral health coach, I want to make a difference, get as many people to be aware of the oral connection and what they can do at home to prevent the disease from happening. Rather than waiting until the disease had progressed as my uncle did.

I believe bleeding gums and gum disease are a sign and we need to pay closer attention to our bodies to in order to diagnose some illnesses sooner.

Periodontal disease is a medical condition of the mouth that physicians cannot treat.” Dr. Charles Whitney

All health professionals and should be treating the whole patient, not just our respective body parts.

I believe every dental patient should have a regular physician, who clearly understand the oral-systemic link.

If you as a patient are told you have periodontal disease, you need to understand that periodontal disease can contribute to the development of systemic diseases, and may make many existing conditions more difficult to treat.

When you have an understanding that even though you may not be experiencing pain in your href=”” data-wpil-post-to-id=”1649″>mouth, periodontal disease and bleeding gums can contribute or be a sign of a medical disease,  the health of your mouth can have a impact on the risk of some devastating diseases, seeing your dental professional to learn and know the health of your mouth can save a life.  Your oral hygiene does make a difference.

If you have dental concerns and are not sure how or where to get answers or there is a question you would like to get an answer to. Reach out, if I do not know the answer I will help you find one.

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